I Choose to Lose Part 2

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good morning! Today is part 2 of, I Choose to Lose and the first bit of information and probably the most important, are the guidelines for the diet. What exactly am I doing??

Carb Cycling**

What is carb cycling?
Carb cycling is an eating plan that alternates high and low carb days and also includes a reward day right in the plan.
Simple right?? Right!
There are four different plans based on the speed you want to lose weight and the results you are looking for. I have chosen to do the CLASSIC cycle. This isn't the easiest, but is not the most intense. I think it is a good place for me to start. As I get closer to the goal, I may switch to TURBO to speed things up a bit if my weight loss starts to slow.

The Rules

  1. Alternate high-carb and low-carb food days.
  2. Eat 5 meals a day.
  3. Eat within 30 minutes of waking and every 3 hours after.
  4. Choose foods from the list of approved foods (found in the book**)
  5. On low carb days, you eat a high carb breakfast, then combine a serving of protein, fat and veggies for the rest of the days meals.
  6. On high carb days, you eat a combination of Protein, carb and veggies.
  7. Drink a Gallon of water.
What this looks like in my world...
My Weekly schedule...
I am starting on a Sunday so that I can weigh in on Fridays and Saturdays will be my reward day!

The below "plates" show how to put together a meal

On the reward day, you can eat/drink whatever you want and mix your carbs and fats. Obviously, you don't want to go overboard and erase all your progress, but if you have a pizza night once a week pre-diet, schedule it for your reward day. Like the occasional glass of wine/beer, you can have it on your reward day! I scheduled my reward day for Saturday. This works for us because if we get together with friends or have a date night it is usually on Saturday. I will be able to have a drink and eat food that is off plan. Or for most of our Saturdays where we are just home, we can have pizza and movie night with the kids and we don't have to feel bad about it because it is built into the plan!
I will follow the above plan for 3 weeks, then there is a "slingshot" week which I will explain as we get closer. I will be starting on Sunday December 28th. Next week in the series will be my S.M.A.R.T goals, come back to see!  
**I got all of my information from Choose to Lose and Choose More, Lose More for Life by Chris Powell**
Happy Tuesday! 


I would love to hear your comments and suggestions...

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