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Monday, December 15, 2014

We are clearing out our cupboards and preparing to start a diet after Christmas and I am looking forward to it! Yes, you heard that correctly, I am looking forward to starting a diet! I can say this because I read this book, Choose to Lose by Chris Powell, last weekend.

This weekend, I read most of this book, Choose More, Lose More for Life by Chris Powell.
I am totally convinced and feeling really confident that this is the diet for me! The information in the book makes so much sense to me and I can really relate to things he talks about. I feel like it is a diet that will be doable for our life and relatively simple to execute on my part. I don't think it will be without hurdles, but I am feeling really good about this!
I find the way Chris Powell writes to be extremely motivating, especially in the second book. After reading it, I truly feel like I can do it! This is going to sound cheesy, since I don't even know him, but the way he writes makes you feel like he wants you to be successful and he means it!
If you are looking for a lifestyle change or diet, I definitely recommend trying this book. Read it and follow along with me! I would love a little community taking this journey with me!
Here is my plan for the blog when I start the journey....
Monday - Menu Plan Mondays - just as I do now, but with Carb cycling meal plans
Tuesday - Tuesday Tips - This day I will rotate through either tips that I have read from the book or as I move along, tips that I am finding helpful for myself.
Wednesday - What I Ate Wednesdays - just as I do now, but of course showing low carb days, high carb days and reward days.
Thursday - My Life - This will be a day for anything Litcher! Fun things we have going on, Decorating ideas, DIY and of course Litcher Moments.
Friday - How the Jeans Fit Fridays - This will be my scale day! You will hear all about my week, the good, the bad and the ugly and my plan for the next week! As soon as I can button the jeans again, I will also post a pic of me in the jeans so that we can not only track my scale progress, but also how my clothes are fitting!
So that's the plan starting Sunday December 28th! Next Tuesday I will post the basic guidelines of the diet. Who is joining me??


  1. I went back and read this post to better understand your diet plan. Sounds cool!

    1. I am pretty excited about the plan! Although right now, I am dying for something sweet :) I think I just need to go to bed!!


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