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Monday, December 1, 2014

Wow! What a great family weekend we had! I fully planned on blogging on Friday with my favorite moments of Thanksgiving, but I took about two pictures on Thanksgiving and that was it, which I am really bummed about, but I made up for it the rest of the weekend! Thursday, I will update you with Litcher Moments!

For today, I am meal planning and showing you what is on my calendar. First it is my meal planning calendar. I spent some time meal planning for the whole month of December. It is so helpful to plan for the whole month so that I don't have to sit down and do it each week. Of course, doing it that far in advance things get switched around sometimes or plans change, but for the most part it gives me a good idea of what we will eat for the month!

This is the calendar I use to meal plan. Just a fancy (kidding) Microsoft Word Calendar! I just print a new one each month.

I use my computer to see what I have left in the freezer. See the post here about my inventory list.

I pull out my calendar so that I can see what we have going on in the month. 

I know consistently that Mondays have to be crock pot or a quick on the go meal because we leave the house at 4pm and sometimes we are home by 6pm, but every other Monday we aren't home until 8pm, with only a 30 minute break in between activities. Wednesday Mike makes breakfast for dinner because I am out with Olivia from 5-7pm. Fridays are always Pizza and movie night as long as we are home. So, I put all the constants in, mark days I don't have to plan and then I just start plugging in meals until it is full! So this is the whole month of December....

Now for just this week....
Week of December 1st

Egg sandwich, overnight oats or cold cereal.

Turkey sandwich, salad or dinner leftovers.

Dinner Plans for:

Monday - Chicken Tenders - I am out of these in the freezer, but am going to make them tomorrow to stock up again! Served with cut up veggies. Olivia and I will eat this in the car.

Tuesday - Chicken soup (freezer meal) - served with French bread and a salad.

Wednesday - Egg sandwiches or scrambled eggs served with fruit.

Thursday - Mongolian Beef (freezer meal) - we still haven't tried this. I have had it on my meal plan before, but it ends up not happening. This time we are trying it. Served with brown rice and veggies.

Friday - We are going away this weekend so no meal plan for two nights.

Saturday - Away

Sunday - Subway - I don't know what time we will be home so I am planning on Subway because I know we will all be tired and we won't want to cook, but I don't think I will be home in time to start something in the crock pot. So Subway is a healthy alternative!

Now what is on my family calendar? Well mostly our regular activities, Girl Scouts, dance, Sunday school, Odyssey of the Mind, Book Club, etc. But this month we also have a weekend away, 2 Christmas parties, Mike is taking a vacation, of course Christmas and New Years! I am also going to try to have dinner with a friend or two, and I am doing another one of these....

On my calendar I also keep track of blog link ups that I want to participate in and some ideas. I keep track of things that are happening at Olivia's school and when Owen is the leader at his school (which also means we bring snack). I keep track of everything in this calendar. If I lost it, the whole family would be lost!!

At the beginning of a week I transfer everything from the monthly calendar into the weekly calendar where I can add a lot more details. I can keep track of what errands I need to do and what I want to get done around the house. Here I keep track of exactly what I plan to blog about each day and any notes I need. I write down the meal plan and what my workout plan is. Love this section of my book! It is completely customized for me!

Well that's it for this lovely Monday! It's going to be a busy one! Come on back later this week for some more fun...

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Linking up today with Andrea at Momfessionals for What's on my calendar. Linking up my menu plan with  Laura at Mommy Run Fast and Laura at I'm an Organizing junkie!
Happy Monday!


  1. What type of planner do you have?? I love the weekly layout. I have been looking for something like this!

    1. Hi Leslie! I ordered it on Etsy, the shop is Plum Paper Designs. I have the family planner and love it. Lots of customization! And when I went to get the store link, they are having a Cyber Monday Sale! Here is the link https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlumPaperDesigns
      Good luck!

  2. I love paper planners! My husband keeps telling me I should switch to virtual one of these days but I get so much satisfaction out of writing it all out, I just can't make the change. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I am the same way! My husband does everything on computers and he got me to try but I was back to paper within a few months!! I need to write it down!


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