WIAW - First few days of Carb Cycling

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Today is the start of Day 4 of my Carb Cycling diet! So far, so good! Although, I would love to eat some chocolate or cheese and crackers or candy or ice cream (you get the point??) the food I am eating has all been great! Well, except for breakfast....

Meal #1

The first meal of the day, every day can include a carb and protein. What I am trying to do, is have something super quick that doesn't need to be cooked since I have to eat right away and once it is not vacation I will be eating a lot earlier and I don't want to wake the kids with a blender or pans. The first two days I tried overnight oats with protein powder in it and I couldn't find a consistency that I liked. Then I tried All Bran cereal with protein shake as the milk (found the recipe in Choose to Lose) and I could hardly stomach that.

So, I am still on the hunt for something. Any suggestions???
Meal #2
High Carb Day
One half of Ezekiel bread English muffin with 4 egg whites and 2 slices of tomato.
Low Carb Day
Egg white omelet with bell peppers and onions and some shaved monterary jack w/jalapenos. This was delicious!! I really enjoyed this breakfast!
Meal #3
Low Carb
Buffalo Garlic Turkey burger with a side of carrots, celery and ranch. I forgot to take a picture of my high carb lunch. Next week!
Meal #4
I did not take pictures of this meal, but both high and low carb days I had a protein shake. On the low carb day, I mixed almond milk, peanut butter and protein powder. On the high carb day, I mixed almond milk, a banana and protein powder. They were both really good!
Meal #5
Low Carb
Grilled chicken, fresh spinach, tomatoes, onion, Mrs. Dash, olive oil and balsamic vinegar! So good!
High Carb

Grilled steak, sweet potato, broccoli and a side salad with balsamic. Yum!
Well that's it! The first few days of the diet! I feel really good! Day 2, so far, was the hardest. I was craving anything and everything on my high carb day. I kind of prefer the low carb day, surprisingly! I think because I can have peanut butter and a little cheese on my low carb day and I LOVE, love both of those! Just a guess :)
Today I am linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons!
Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you have a fun New years Eve!!

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  1. Since I discovered the Paleo way of eating, I eat Paleo about 80% of the time, which means the only carbs I eat are primarily those from fruits and vegetables. I can totally relate to your low carb meals -- that is how I eat! Your meals look good!


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