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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So, if you follow along with me, you know a few things about me, 1) I need to lose weight and  2) I am struggling in trying to do that. Friday and Monday, I talked about a new book I read that has me pretty excited. A diet book that has me excited?? For real?? Yup!

I am preparing our kitchen and our life for Carb Cycling. Anyone had experience with it? I am excited about this for a few reasons. First, the book explains carb cycling and how it works with your body to promote maximum fat loss and it made so much sense to me. It explained why, yes, you can lose weight by just limiting calories to 1,200/day, but then, why as soon as you have a cheat day, you gain 5 pounds and feel crappy. This plan builds in a cheat day, but it is not as much of a shock to your body. I am excited about a cheat day, because I feel like it will be helpful in staying on track during the week, if I know I can splurge on Sunday (or whatever day we choose).

The way of eating on this diet seems like it will be pretty easy for me. It is not taking out carbs completely, it is just limiting them every other day. I can totally do that! I am not saying it will be easy, but doable!

Lastly, as I mentioned on Monday, I read the book to Mike on the way to Rhode Island this weekend and he really liked what he was hearing and said he was "all in" with me. So I won't be doing it alone! I think that is going to make a huge difference!

I am starting to do some research and some planning as to what we can eat on this diet, so today, I am highlighting some of the things that I will be eating and things I won't be eating anymore!


Breakfasts won't be a whole lot different from what I have been eating, except for one big loss...no more english muffins with peanut butter for breakfast. 

I eat this breakfast a lot and this a big, No, no when carb cycling. Although you do get to eat carbs at breakfast every day. I would not be able to eat both halves of the english muffin and the half of banana. That would be 3 portions of carbs instead of 1 that I should be eating. Plus I have been pairing it with a fat (peanut butter) and I should be pairing it with only a protein. 

Better Options

  • Half an english muffin with egg whites and tomato
  • Oatmeal made with protein powder, almond milk and berries
  • Half an english muffin with cottage cheese and pineapple 


I will be switching up lunches a little as well, but not a ton. On high card days, I can still eat one of the lunches I eat quite a bit, but will have to make it smaller. Half a turkey sandwich with low sodium deli meat, as opposed to a whole sandwich. Cucumbers on the side would be perfect, but save the hummus for the low carb day. 

For low carb days 
  • Turkey roll ups with cucumbers and hummus on the side
  • Protein (canned meat or chicken breast) on a salad with avocado and low cal dressing
  • Egg white omelet loaded with veggies and a little cheese


On high carb days my dinners won't be a whole lot different than they are now. Protein, carb and veggies. Things we won't be having that I will have to save for our cheat day are things like tacos and Lasagna. These things have carbs, protein and fats mixed together. For this diet we will either be eating protein and carbs or protein and fat, not all of them together. So dinners like this one would be fine on my high carb days if I substitute the chicken sausage for chicken breast. 

My low carb days will be more of a challenge at dinner as I am used to having a carb with dinner, but I just have to adapt 3 days a week! My one idea so far is...

  • Stir fry loaded with veggies and a few cashews for fat

Like I said, this will be more of a challenge for me to come up with ideas! 


This will be the biggest challenge for me. I like to eat things like popcorn and granola bars, crackers with peanut butter, etc. Those things will have to be saved for my cheat day. Every day your snacks are treated just like meals and put together with either protein and carb or fat depending on the day. 

I think one thing that I don't have much now, but will be having almost daily during this diet will be protein shakes. It will be an easy way to get in my protein without having to come up with 5 different proteins every day. On high carb days I can add oatmeal or fruit to my smoothie for my carb. On low carb days I can add peanut butter. I think I will enjoy these shakes! 

  • On high carb days I could also have greek yogurt with granola.

  • On low carb days I can have a string cheese (which I love) but will need to add some egg whites on the side.

When I am still hungry, I will be filling in that gap with lots of non-starchy vegetables and WATER! Lots of water!! 

I am planning for the Sunday after Christmas start date. So for the next few weeks, I will be preparing and putting together more ideas for my meals and.....

I am only kinda joking :)

I will be putting up more details about the diet and documenting everything as I go along!
Anyone want to join me??

Today I am linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday! 


  1. woohoo best of luck. I have not tried carb cycling but I always love something that doesn't promote 1200 calories a day! I think knowing that you only have to cycle in those low carb days will make it much easier! Best of luck can't wait to see the progress!

    1. Thanks! I am really looking forward to starting! I am sure it will come with challenges, but right now I have a really positive outlook about it, unlike dread when I have started other diets!! Have a great rest of the week 😀

  2. What an interesting diet/lifestyle. I had never heard of carb cycling before so I'm really interested in reading about your experiences. You seem to have a good plan in place with several ideas for meals!

    When I first went paleo, I found snacks were seriously difficult, too but now I'm craving them less, and it's really not so hard anymore. I've always loved fruit though and munch on it all the time though, especially if I just feel like having something.

    Best of luck :)


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