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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's What I Ate Wednesday and I decided to switch it up a bit today! Usually, I document a day and show you what I had that day, but today I am going to show you some of my Go To foods! 

For those of you who are new to my blog, I am on a weight loss journey and currently doing Weight Watchers, which I love! Last week when I did my Weekly Weigh in, I got some questions about what I eat during the day. Today, I am going to show you what I am choosing most of the time for breakfast, lunch and snacks! 


Ninety percent of the time at breakfast I am choosing eggs. I love an egg in the morning, but often feel like it takes too long to make it. Lately, I have been making an open faced egg sandwich and it is super quick. I use the small frying pan to cook one egg. I toast one piece of bread and put a slice of cheese on the egg right before I take it off the stove to melt it. Put it all together! It only takes 5 minutes, put some fruit on the side and you have a well rounded, low point (5PP) breakfast! 

Egg 2PP, Cheese 2PP, Toast 1PP, Fruit 0PP = 5PP Breakfast
You could choose, light cheese and light toast and you could make it even lower points, but I use what I buy for the everyone else in the house! 


For lunch I will often have a sandwich. I enjoy a sandwich and the sides that go with it. I can put soup, veggies, fruit and/or chips with my sandwich and it is the perfect lunch! 

Most of the time I make a wrap. I use the Tumaro's low carb veggie wraps. These are low in points (2PP) and really good!

Instead of sliced cheese I use laughing cow. These come in a few different flavors, are creamy like a spread and I feel they add more taste value than a slice of cheese with less points (1PP). I add whatever I have on hand for veggies to my wrap, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. 

Whenever I make a wrap/sandwich, I always have chips on the side. Special K cracker chips are my favorite go to convenience food! They are low in points (25-28 chips for 3PP) and they are so flavorful. I don't know about any of you, but I need crunch with my lunch and sometimes a carrot stick just isn't going to cut it, these are perfect! 

Wrap 2PP, Turkey 2PP, Laughing Cow Swiss 1PP, lettuce/tomato, carrot sticks 0PP, TBSP Ranch 1PP,  Chips 3PP = 9PP


I eat a lot of the same snacks all the time. When I don't feel like making anything I will almost always reach for either a string cheese (1PP), or a Yoplait yogurt. I love the Boston Creme (2PP) flavor, but there are a few others that are really good. They show the Weight Watchers points right on them now, you can't get more convenient than that! 

When I feel like putting a bit more effort into my snack, I reach for fruit and peanut butter or cookie butter. I was late to the cookie butter party, I think, but I am so glad it has come into my life. If you haven't tried it, you should head to Trader Joe's right now and pick some up! 

I slice up an apple or a banana and take melted peanut butter or cookie butter and drizzle it over the fruit. I can't take credit for this tip, I found Drizzle Me Skinny and she is queen of the drizzle and I am telling you, she is genius! You can take very little peanut/cookie butter, melt it for 30 seconds and drizzle on your fruit and every bite has a bit of the yummy flavor in it! This is perfect for Weight Watchers because you can get away with only using 1 TBSP or less of your peanut/cookie butter for 1-3PP and you get enough to cover all your fruit! Genius I tell you! 

Apple/Banana 0PP, 1TBSP Peanut Butter 3PP, 1/2 TBSP mini chocolate chips 1PP = 4PP Snack
You can adjust the amounts of the butters and chocolate chips and easily decrease the points value depending on what you have left for the day!

If you are looking for something a little sweeter, you should definitely try my new Carrot Cake Yogurt cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting. These are delicious, sweet and the perfect fall dessert! They are only 4PP and totally worth it! I will be making these again really soon! 

You can find all of my recipes here, or you can check out my Weight Watchers Pinterest board where you will find all of my recipes, plus some others that I want to try! 

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I hope this was helpful! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to answer them as best I can!

Have a great day! 

Weekly Weigh In 9/23

Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is my second full week back at Weight Watchers and I will be honest, I was not sure how the weigh in would go. Last week, when I had such a big loss, I had three extra points and all of my activity points left on weigh in day. This week was a different story and by Saturday night I had used all of my extra points and a few of my activity points so I was not sure how that would play out on the scale. Also, yesterday was probably the worst day of the month to get on the scale (if you know what I mean) why does it always happen that way?? With all that being said, check out the stats! 

Well, I am not breaking any records today, that's for sure! Buutttt, the scale did move in the right direction and for that I am happy! And if you add this week and my rockstar week, last week of -5.1, that's a total of 5.3 pounds down in two weeks and that's not too bad :)

As for activity, I almost nailed it...again! The goal was five out of seven days at 10,000 steps and I got four...again! Check it out! 

Most of the days that I passed 10,000 I went well over it. Friday night, I was planning to get up and walk around the house, because look how close I was, but I fell asleep. Even my low days this week were not too far off. Yesterday while I was out my battery died on my Fitbit. To be fair though, I probably wasn't going to hit it anyway, as I was at a meeting and then came home and went to bed. 

My other goal last week was to beat my weekly total steps. Last week Fitbit sent me this report...

My goal was to beat 65,601 and guess what?? I did reach that goal! Here is the e-mail from this week...

All in all, I will take this as a successful week! I have tracked everything I have put in my mouth, good or bad. I stayed within my allowed Weight Watcher points. I have been moving more than I have in a long time, loving my Fitbit for accountability. And because I had a loss and not a gain, it keeps me motivated and not discouraged! I got this! 

I may take tomorrow off, so I may not see you all back here until Monday! 

Hope you have a great second day of fall! 

WIAW - 28 Point Sunday

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last week, I posted a Weight Watchers 29 point Saturday, but then I posted my weigh in on Thursday and I lost 5 pounds which put me down a point, to 28 points per day. This week, I used all of my extra points before Sunday, so I figured that would be a great day to document to make sure I stayed on track! 

Breakfast (4PP)

Owen was requesting French Toast all week, so I decided to make some on Sunday morning. Everyone had french toast with strawberries on the side! 

Lunch (4PP)

On Saturday night we had Kielbasa in rolls with veggies for dinner. We had tons of leftovers so for lunch we had kielbasa with the leftover grilled veggies in a stir fry! It was yummy! 

Dinner (12PP)

I posted the recipe for Easy Chicken Parmesan, last Monday and you can find it here. We have been eating this every Sunday night as it is super quick and easy and everyone in my family loves it. I feel like everyone needs a good meal on Sunday night so works perfectly for us because everyone eats this without complaint! 

In order to make it work for my entire family, I just leave the red sauce off on one of the chicken patties for Miss, I don't like red sauce (who doesn't like red sauce??) and everyone is happy! 

Snack (8PP)

My snacks all consisted of these carrot cake yogurt cupcakes that I made for a blog recipe! I had one in the afternoon when we made them and one after dinner. The whole family loved these and had them for dessert every night since! I posted the recipe on Monday, you don't want to miss it! They are low in WW points and delicious! 

My little baking helper did the frosting job...

That's it for the day! This was a sweet day which I totally needed, so it was perfect! Owen said my french toast was the best he ever had and everyone absolutely loved the cupcakes, I will take those compliments any day! I just wish I could get that kind of enthusiasm every night at dinner...wishful thinking??!!  

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Have a great Wednesday! 

Litcher Moments 9/22/15

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last week I caught you up on pictures from the summer that I never blogged about. This week I am going to show you small moments from the last couple of week since school has started!

My boy and his favorite girl on the bus for their practice bus ride before Kindergarten! All smiles! 

You can never be too safe when you ride your bike around here...

Labor day weekend my cousin came and Friday night we had a great time out in downtown Portland for the night! We took a picture in every place we went to document the night! 

The next morning we took Olivia and one of her best friends to Splashtown! We had such a great day! 

To end the weekend we had dinner at the beach with one of Mike's sisters. We all had a great time and the sunset was amazing! 

A little night time selfie with my favorite girl! 

Just a lazy Saturday morning...

It was my mom's birthday and I put the kiddos to work cutting strawberries! 

We celebrated in the morning because her birthday was a Sunday and I wanted to make sure the kids still went to bed early Sunday night since they both had school the next day! We had brunch and Strawberry shortcake, perfect for a morning birthday party! 

I walked in the Out of the Darkness community walk, to raise money for the American Foundation of Suicide prevention on Sunday the 13th. After we walked, my friend and I went to the mall. We were starving and stopped for soup at Karmasouptra. We both had the Maple Roasted Butternut Squash soup. Fall in a dish, enough said! 

The kids walking home ahead of me! Holding hands and everything...love when they get along!

My dinner helper with black olive fingers. 

A little morning swing before they head to the bus stop! Which then led to them missing the bus, but this was cute to watch them swinging and chatting! 

Owen was lining up all his monster trucks one morning before school. He might have a monster truck addiction! 

On the field trip to the apple orchard! 

Instead of heading home and cleaning after the field trip, my friend and I went to lunch, enjoyed a drink and then decided to get a mani/pedi. Ahhhh...

Owen had his first soccer game on Saturday! He scored a goal and was super excited! 

That's whats been going on around here the last few weeks! 

Come on back tomorrow to see what I've been eating this week on WIAW! 

Have a great Tuesday! 

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