How the Jeans Fit Friday #5

Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm a little lopsided today :)

Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 197.6
Todays Weight = 196.4
Pounds lost this week = 1.2
Total Pounds Lost = 10.4
Pounds left to goal = 56.4

I hit the 10 pounds down mark!!! 
The Good....
  • This, week, I had a hard time the first few days, but,  I didn't say "oh, I will do better next week" I just started back on track as soon as I realized what I was doing. And it for sure paid off on the scale! Although I would always love to see 2 pounds down on the scale every week, when you take my total loss by the 5 weeks I have been doing it. I am averaging 2 pounds/week! I will take it!! 
  • I found a great on the go protein shake that makes being out so much easier. This will make being on the go during meal times less of a challenge. 
  • I drank a lot of water this week, but I just need to work on getting it in all throughout the day rather than drinking the bulk of it at night. I need to start carrying a water bottle with me at all times! 
  • I am not being as hard on myself as I usually am. I am not perfect, my actions and my eating are not going to perfect all the time, but I am working to better myself a little more every day! 

The Bad and the Ugly...

  • I had a hard time getting back into the routine of the eating schedule and food plan after my reward day this week. I don't know if it was because last week I had so many "reward" meals that once I had a whole day I couldn't stop. Or if I was just having a "cravings" week, which is totally possible, if you know what I mean! All you women out there, know what I'm talking about!!! I ate way too much peanut butter this week. I think I am going to cut myself off from peanut butter next week. Once I start, I just can't stop! So, the plan is to not start :)
  • This one will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following along with me from the beginning. I did not start exercising this week. Why, you say? Well because I am lazy. Seriously... when I have the time to exercise, I am being lazy. I am not getting out of bed in the morning and then once the day is done, I want to sit on the couch and read or watch TV. I made some big decisions this week. Some had to do with my time management and I talked about that on Tuesday, here. I also decided that rather than do the exercises from the book, Choose to Lose, I would instead go back to doing PIYO. I liked it the one week I did it and I think that it will be easier for me to keep track of then the exercise from the book. Also, I can do it barefooted. This is almost a requirement for me if I am going to be exercising in the morning! When I start back to the plan on Sunday, I will also exercise! Next week, this will not be in the bad! 
  • I did not go to bed early. I actually probably went to bed later than normal because we had some snow days this week and I didn't have to get up in the morning. I need some structure in my life. I need a bed time. I need a waking time. Can someone text me at 9:45pm and tell me to get into bed??!! Sleep is good. I love sleep! I need to do it at appropriate times. Still working on it! 

Great week, just need a little more structure this week and next week will show it on the scale, I just know it! Before I sign off for today, I need to talk about a few more things....

First, it is snowing again here today. Yes, we are supposed to get another 4-8 inches on top of Tuesdays storm. We can not catch a break! I am going to lose my children out in the snow if we get much more!

Second, I was so sad last night. One of my very favorite shows ended. Parenthood. 

 Such a great show and I don't want it to end. I was crying for most of the show, maybe that's crazy, but I just love the Bravermans :) Who is with me on this one? I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I will say that I loved the ending. For a minute towards the end, I thought I was hating the ending and then they totally redeemed themselves! So, so good! If you haven't seen Parenthood, you can catch it on Netflix and all the full episodes of this season on You will love it! 

Now, I need to go clean my house! Tomorrow, I am having some girlfriends over for a Jamberry party at my house! I am so excited to try Jamberry for the first time. I love a fun nail and I love to spend time with my friends. I am hosting at brunch with some yummy food and orange and cranberry mimosas! I can't wait! 

See you back here Sunday or Monday with my meal plan! 

Have a great weekend!

WIAW - Blizzard Edition

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We are getting a BLIZZARD! This is what it looks like around my house! Winter Wonderland :)
Today, of course, the kids don't have school and we won't be leaving our pajamas! We have plans for movies, crafts and a whole lot of nothin'
But we still have to eat, so here is what we are having!
The hubby and I woke up later than usual 8am. The kiddos got up earlier, but immediately started playing legos and let us sleep! So we did and it felt great, but it did put our first meal quite a bit later than normal.
 High Carb Day
Meal #1
Omelet with mushrooms and onions, a little garlic and herb Mrs. Dash and a side of strawberries!
Meal #2
Chocolate protein shake with a banana in it!
Meal #3
Ground Turkey (they were out of ground chicken at the grocery store) peas and carrots with buffalo sauce! This was really good. I have made a bunch of similar recipes, but they always contain rice. This time I used more of the starchy veggies and didn't add rice. I think, I might have liked this combination better! This was technically lunch, but we didn't eat it until 2:30pm.
Meal #4
Chicken Fajitas! Super easy and delicious! We put the filling inside Brown Rice tortillas from Trader Joes. Mike told me 3 times how good these were, they will be making it to our table a lot!
Meal #5
Since we started the day so late, the last meal ended late. We had dinner at meal 4, instead of 5. So that left a snack. I looked in the fridge trying to think of something creative to have as a snack, but I saw the bowls of Buffalo Turkey for the rest of the week and it sounded, really good! So I ate it again! Twice in one day. Not much of a snack, but since I can't have ice cream or popcorn which is what I would have really liked to have had, it had to do!
The kids ate a lot of breakfast items on this snowy day! They had french toast sticks for breakfast, strawberry waffles for a snack and then toast for lunch. I'm not sure what was up with the breakfast kick, but as far as I am concerned anything goes during a blizzard!
Kids lunch
They also consumed a bunch of this yumminess after they went outside.
Everyone enjoying hot cocoa (except me)!!
We braved the cold twice, I say "we" but I only braved it once and that was quite enough for me! The kids and Mike went out again later on and they had a great time. They just thought it was the coolest thing ever to have as much snow as we do! I have to admit, I think it is pretty cool too, but only because my whole family could stay home and be safe! If I had to drive it in it, I am sure I would be a little bitter about 28 inches of snow!
Here are a few more pictures from yesterday #blizzard2015

This is the view from the side of our house! We still had hours of snow after this :)
I can't wait to get out there today with the camera, when it isn't still snowing and crazy windy, to get some more pictures of just how deep the snow is. This is a memory we won't want to forget! 
Hope everyone who was in the blizzards path yesterday stayed safe and warm!
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The Next Two Months...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I have been trying to blog consistently, 5 days per week, Monday thru Friday. It is getting a little difficult to make that happen time wise. I am spending too much time in the evening trying to get my post ready for the next day. If you have been following along, you know that I am trying to go to bed earlier and this schedule isn't working for me!

I don't want to give up blogging. I am enjoying it so much! It is keeping me accountable and I am making new friends along the way. This is something I want to continue for a very long time. So I had to make some decisions!

I have decided that I am going to consistently blog 3 days per week.
*Menu Plan Monday
*How the Jeans Fit Friday
Every week you will see these three posts up. The menu plan keeps me accountable and I enjoy the people I have met doing this link up. WIAW, I enjoy doing this food post, as well as, looking at what everyone else is eating. Of course, How the Jeans Fit Friday is a must to keep me accountable and for you all to see how I am doing!
This leaves Tuesday and Thursday. These posts lately are a combination of diet information and family/random stuff. I have decided that for a few weeks, you may not see a post on these days at all. Or, you may see something really small. Have I found a good tip for the diet, a food that I am loving, book review, some family pictures, etc. Small and to the point posts or nothing at all.
What I plan to work on during this break

*Spend more time with my husband in the evening!
*Get blog posts done and scheduled ahead for Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I am not putting together every post the night before! Some of my posts have to be done the night before, but informative posts, recipes, etc. can all be done ahead of time. This will give me more time during the week for some other things!
*Work on making my blog prettier and easy to navigate! I get really excited when I figure out how to do something with HTML, or when I successfully add a button or link. Lately, I haven't had time to work on it. In this break you will probably see a few changes on the blog!
My plan will be to be back to consistently posting 5 days per week by the end of March. Just enough of a break to get ahead and learn some fun new things for the blog!
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See you back here tomorrow for WIAW - snow day edition! We are getting a blizzard today! 

Menu Plan Monday - Carb Cycling #5

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Well, I forgot that last week, was supposed to be a "slingshot" week where all my days should have been high carb days and then I should be starting over again this week. I decided that since last week was a little (or a lot) less than perfect, that I would just count it as my slingshot week and start fresh this week
 I also made the decision to try the turbo cycle (you can refer to this post for information on the different plans) I had been toying with the idea after the first week of the diet when I decided that I enjoyed my low carb day over my high carb day. This plan will have one high carb day to two low carb days. So I will only eat high carb twice a week rather than 3 times. Sounds good to me!
So here is my first TURBO CYCLE meal plan!
Protein + Fat + Veggies
Breakfast (meal 1) - Protein shake with banana
Meal 2 - Egg White omelet w/Monterary Jack cheese with jalapenos, mushrooms and onions
Lunch (meal 3) -  This meal depends on when I get to the grocery store!
Meal 4 - Chocolate Protein Shake
Dinner (meal 5) - Thin chicken breast stuffed with Jalapeno cheese and jalapenos. Served with veggies on the side.
Protein + Fat + Veggies
Breakfast (meal 1) - Protein shake with strawberries
Meal 2 - Egg White omelet w/Monterary Jack cheese with jalapenos, mushrooms and onions
Lunch (meal 3) - Greek Turkey Roll up
Meal 4 - Protein Shake with peanut butter mixed in or almonds on the side
Dinner (meal 5) - Leftovers from Sundays on the road between dance and Girl Scouts
Protein + Carb + Veggies
Breakfast (meal 1) -  Chicken, potatoes and onions
Meal 2 -  Egg white omelet with Mushrooms, onions and Mrs. Dash. English muffin on the side
Lunch (meal 3) - Buffalo Garlic Chicken Medley 
Meal 4 - Protein Shake w/banana
Dinner (meal 5) - Grilled chicken and veggie fajitas made with Brown Rice Tortillas
Protein + Fat + Veggies
Breakfast (meal 1) -  Chicken, potatoes and onions
Meal 2 - Protein shake with peanut butter mixed in
Lunch (meal 3) - Greek Turkey Roll up
Meal 4 - Protein Shake with peanut butter mixed in or almonds on the side
Dinner (meal 5) -  Steak with Green beans and tomatoes
Protein + Fat + Veggies
Breakfast (meal 1) - Chicken, potato and onions 
Meal 2 -  Egg White omelet w/Monterary Jack cheese with jalapenos, mushrooms and onions
Lunch (meal 3) - Greek Turkey Roll up
Meal 4 - Protein Shake w/handful of almonds on the side or a scoop of natural peanut butter mixed in
Dinner (meal 5) - Tilapia w/salad and veggies on the side
Protein + Carb + Veggies
Breakfast (meal 1) -  Chicken, potato and onions
Meal 2 - Egg white omelet with leftover veggies and a side of English muffin
Meal 4 - Protein Shake with banana mixed in
Dinner (meal 5) - Leftover Chicken Fajitas
Breakfast (meal 1) - Protein shake with banana
Meal 2 - I am having some friends over for brunch and a Jamberry party!
Lunch (meal 3) -  Probably will combine with meal 2 or it will be leftovers from the party
Meal 4 - Apple with Peanut butter
Dinner (meal 5) - Freezer meal from the freezer downstairs, something delicious!
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How the Jeans Fit Friday #4

Friday, January 23, 2015

Here we are again, another week, another weigh in...
Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 198.4
Todays Weight = 197.6
Pounds lost this week = 0.8
Total Pounds Lost = 9.2
Pounds left to goal = 57.6

Not a great weight loss this week, but I am not surprised. It is the worst, when you feel like you did great and the numbers don't show it, but that is not the case. This was a tough week. The most challenging one thus far, but I made it through with a small loss! I can't complain about that!
The Good...
  • This was not a perfect week, but I wasn't too hard on myself and when I had one bad meal, I just made sure the next one wasn't!
  • I still got in my water on most days!
  • I went to book club last night and I did not eat anything. The bigger accomplishment though, was that I passed on a glass of wine and went with seltzer water. Now, I don't drink on a daily basis, but I love a glass (or two) of wine or beer in a social situation. I stayed strong though as much as I wanted one!
The Bad...
  • There were quite a few times this week, that I didn't get a meal in at the 3 hour mark. Stuff came up and I wasn't always prepared. There was even a day that I only got 4 meals in, instead of 5.
  • I ate out 5 times this week. 4 of them were planned, one was spontaneous. I didn't eat terrible at all of them, but I certainly was not perfect. After two meals out on Friday, I decided to end the night with dessert and call Friday my reward day instead of Saturday. Saturday, I did great, and think I nailed dinner out as well. Sunday was a little off on timing, but otherwise great. Monday, Mike and I planned to go to lunch and I had soup, salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden. I had one bowl of soup, one breadstick and  few bowls of salad. Then Monday night we went for pizza with friends, totally last minute and so much fun! I had 2 beers and pizza. This week is so rare, I don't normally even have the chance to eat out that many times in a four day period! We celebrated 2 birthdays, had dinner with my parents after Olivia's dance recital, had a date day and I had dinner with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. Sometimes I feel like it is a struggle to keep a balance between living life and being on the diet. Should I have eaten pizza and drank beer on Monday night? On the diet, Nope. But if I'm living? Absolutely.
My plan this week is to follow the diet as closely as I can. We will not be going out this week and the temptation should be low. My goal is to follow the diet as closely as I can for the next few weeks,  knowing that starting February 14th, which is the start of school vacation, I could again be faced with multiple eating out scenarios. So I would like to lose as much as possible between now and that hurdle!
My final goal for this coming week is to start exercising. I think I am ready to add it in. I think that I will need it for continued weight loss. I think had I been exercising this week, it would have showed in a little more weight loss on the scale. My plan will be to get up and work on posting the blog first thing and then after I am awake do the exercise plan from the book! The best time to do it is first thing, according to Chris Powell, so I am going to listen! We'll see how it goes!
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Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

I Choose to Lose Part 6

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today I am going with a list. Just some random thoughts and things that I have decided or noticed since starting the carb cycling diet 4 weeks ago!
1. I drink more/faster out of a straw - I know, totally random, but I could drink two full glasses of water so fast when I put a straw in it! When I am sipping from the glass, I take a drink, put it down and go back to it later. With the straw, I take the whole thing down in no time! So, if you are trying to up your water intake, try it!
2. I could eat peanut butter and cheese every day. Every. Day. If you have been following along with me, this comes as no surprise to you!
3. I am getting fuller faster. I think because I am eating smaller meals more often throughout the day that even on reward day when I am paying less attention to portions, I am eating less because I seem to get full a lot faster! Definite bonus when trying to lose weight!
4. My favorite meal on my low carb day is the mushroom, onion and cheese, egg white omelet.
5. My favorite meal on my high carb day is my very own recipe for Buffalo Garlic Chicken Medley!
6. I am so thirsty all the time. Since starting to drink so much water in the day, I am so much thirstier. If you start trying to drink a gallon of water a day, be prepared to go to the bathroom A LOT and to constantly think about water after a week or so!
7. I get hungry right on schedule. There have been a few times this week that I haven't had a meal in 3 hours as I should, and I am telling you, my stomach lets me know! Clearly, pre-diet, I didn't let myself get hungry very often, because I haven't heard my stomach growl like this in a very, very long time!

8. Meal prep works better for me, by doing a little each day, rather than try to set aside a few hours to do it on one day. When I made my Buffalo Garlic Chicken Medley yesterday, I just made a big batch and divided it up for the rest of the week. When I cut up veggies for my omelet the first day of the week, I just cut them all up. It takes an extra few minutes that one day, but saves tons of time the rest of the week. When I made meatballs this week (which was already enough for two meals for us) I doubled the batch. This way I can either have them again another day if I don't feel like cooking or I will throw them in the freezer for another time.

Since I am going with a list today, I decided to throw in a "list" of some of my favorite ecards related to diet and exercise. Another random fact about me, I get a huge kick out of ecards! Enjoy!


If you want to see more about Carb Cycling, click here
For my progress, click here
Have a great Thursday!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see what the scale says! 

WIAW - Tuesday

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This is the fourth week of the diet and probably the most challenging one so far. I will give you all the details at the end of the week! Tuesday, was the day I remembered to take pictures and a pretty good day. I can't call it a perfect day because I ended up only having 4 meals. I forgot to eat something before I ran to the grocery store and then by the time I finished, I had to run right to preschool to pick up my son, so by the time I got home it was lunch time. It threw off my whole day and I could only fit in 4 meals.


Low Carb Day

Meal #1
These don't look that exciting, and I guess they really aren't that exciting at all, but they aren't bad! The bonus is they are super quick and require no prep, I just warm them up in the microwave if I want to, but I have also eaten them cold and that has worked in a pinch as well!
I made the protein pancake recipe up and I may still tweak it a bit, but I have Whole Wheat pancake mix that I added a scoop of protein powder to, used almond milk instead of regular milk, egg whites instead of whole eggs. I left out the oil it called for, but added vanilla and cinnamon.
My husband really didn't care for them, they have a little bit of a nutty texture, which I like, but he does not! I think it would be really good with some syrup, but of course I have to skip that! I feel like it wasn't a total fail so I will keep working on making the perfect protein pancake :)
Meal #2
Skipped Meal
Meal #3

Leftover Chicken with Molasses Bacon Seasoning used as a rub before grilled. Oh Yum! I could eat this chicken every day...and actually, pretty much have since we made it!
I added a handful of almonds for my fat. I threw this meal (if you can call it that) together as soon as I walked in the door this afternoon. I needed to get food in quick. Although it is an interesting, it fulfills all the requirements for a low carb meal!
 Meal #4
Vanilla Cream Protein shake with a scoop of Natural Peanut Butter in it. My favorite!
Meal #5

Healthy Baked Meatballs on a salad with Olive oil and Balsamic. These meatballs were so good! I realized after I was making them, that they had oats in them so maybe I shouldn't have eaten them today on my low carb day, but it was what I had planned and there wasn't too many oats in them, so I went with it anyway. I am glad I did because I really enjoyed the meatballs on the salad!
I ate a few extra meatballs to make up for the loss of calories from meal #2, hopefully this meal skip doesn't have a huge effect on my weight loss for the day! We will see on Friday when I get on the scale and maybe try on the jeans! Want to see my Progress?? Click here
Come back tomorrow for I Choose to Lose #6
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A Little Bit Organized

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For those of you that know me, you know that my life has been a bit disorganized for last few years. We have been renovating our house, well basically since we moved in, but the bulk of that renovation has happened last year where we basically had a shell of a house, no bathroom at all for a week, no shower for three weeks, no kitchen for 6 months. Yes, you heard that correctly...6 months. Now it is finished and beautiful, but we still live in a space that is too small for our family, so I feel like I am always trying to organize one thing or another to make things run smoother. With that being said, there are some things that I feel like I organize pretty well, and then there are things that I could still use some help on!

This summer, I went on an organizing rampage as I feel that making my world organized is going to help me in my whole weight loss journey. If my life doesn't feel out of control, it is going to help my whole mentality.

One of the big things I realized, is that all like things should be stored together. This is not something that I have always been good at. For example, my nail polish stuff. Everything I need to do my nails is stored in one spot, and it is portable so I can take it with me to wherever I decide to do my nails.

My nail supplies, polishes, lotions, files, clippers, etc.

I store these in my bathroom. The only thing that doesn't fit inside is my nail polish remover, because the bottle is big, but it is also in the same cupboard of the bathroom. This system works great for me, so Olivia uses the same system!

Olivia's nail supplies

The other thing I store in bathroom is this Thirty-one bin which serves as our medicine cabinet.

 I store it on the top shelve of the cabinet so the kids can't reach it.
The side pockets hold things we reach for all the time, antibiotic ointment, eye glass cleaner, etc.

Inside you can find thermometers, occasionally used medicines (daily used meds are in the kitchen cupboard), first aid products, cough drops, etc. If you have something going on this is the only place you have to look, if what you need isn't there you have to head to the store! I used to do two smaller baskets, one had kids stuff and one was adult, but this has worked much better! This bin is so roomy and fits everything we always have on hand with room to spare!

My daily life is much more organized this year with my daily planner.
Here is the backstory on this planner, Mike is a computer guy and bought me a tablet and I started using Google calendar. It linked me up with his calendar and with my phone calendar. Great, right? Wrong. I am not a techy girl. I know it is the thing, but I need to write things down, I need to see them on a regular basis. I like paper. Mike laughs at me all the time, because if I make a budget, I write it on paper. He always sees me with paper and a calculator and he just laughs! He does everything on a computer and that just isn't how I operate.

I finally decided that it was time for me to do things the way it would work for me. I read a lot of blogs and lots of them use a certain planner that seemed great, so I looked into that along with a bunch of others and ultimately chose this one by Plum Paper and I love it!

There is so much customization with this planner, that you can't go wrong. I ordered the planner and had the picture added to the cover. You can start at any month and add extra months. I made mine an 18 month planner as I ordered it in January and wanted the entire next school year in it. It is so nice to sit down and be able to add the whole school calendar in at once!

Monthly view

Weekly view

You can customize the inside too! Each month comes with a monthly view and weekly view and two notepad sheets. At the end of the calendars you can add additional notepad pages which I did and I still haven't used them all!

Lastly, you can customize the Weekly view. Each one of those line items was made by me.

Here is how I organize my week....

Mom/Dad - Our appointments, meetings, etc.
Kids - kids activities and appointments.
Errands - Things I need to do outside of the house for that day, groceries, Target, etc.
Home - Things I need to do inside the house that day, vacuum, laundry, clean bathroom, etc.
Workout - What my workout will be and when it will be that day.
Dinner - What's for dinner that night.
Blank - I left the last one blank and it has now been taken over by my blog idea for the day. When I bought the planner, I was not blogging yet!

I can not say enough good things about this planner! If it isn't written in the planner, I probably will forget, if it is in there, I am on top of it! Check out the store here on Etsy!

Now if only my desk cabinet could be as organized as my bathroom and my planner!!!

While we are talking about organization though, if you read about my New Years Goals, you know that there were a few spots in my own in desperate need of some organization! If you didn't read about it, can you read it here. The following pictures are the before and afters!

I have already knocked 2 spots off my list!

Coat closet

My closet will never look amazing, it just serves too many purposes and I just work with what I have in terms of organization, but you can see the floor and I can walk into it to find something! I call that a win!
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