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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For those of you that know me, you know that my life has been a bit disorganized for last few years. We have been renovating our house, well basically since we moved in, but the bulk of that renovation has happened last year where we basically had a shell of a house, no bathroom at all for a week, no shower for three weeks, no kitchen for 6 months. Yes, you heard that correctly...6 months. Now it is finished and beautiful, but we still live in a space that is too small for our family, so I feel like I am always trying to organize one thing or another to make things run smoother. With that being said, there are some things that I feel like I organize pretty well, and then there are things that I could still use some help on!

This summer, I went on an organizing rampage as I feel that making my world organized is going to help me in my whole weight loss journey. If my life doesn't feel out of control, it is going to help my whole mentality.

One of the big things I realized, is that all like things should be stored together. This is not something that I have always been good at. For example, my nail polish stuff. Everything I need to do my nails is stored in one spot, and it is portable so I can take it with me to wherever I decide to do my nails.

My nail supplies, polishes, lotions, files, clippers, etc.

I store these in my bathroom. The only thing that doesn't fit inside is my nail polish remover, because the bottle is big, but it is also in the same cupboard of the bathroom. This system works great for me, so Olivia uses the same system!

Olivia's nail supplies

The other thing I store in bathroom is this Thirty-one bin which serves as our medicine cabinet.

 I store it on the top shelve of the cabinet so the kids can't reach it.
The side pockets hold things we reach for all the time, antibiotic ointment, eye glass cleaner, etc.

Inside you can find thermometers, occasionally used medicines (daily used meds are in the kitchen cupboard), first aid products, cough drops, etc. If you have something going on this is the only place you have to look, if what you need isn't there you have to head to the store! I used to do two smaller baskets, one had kids stuff and one was adult, but this has worked much better! This bin is so roomy and fits everything we always have on hand with room to spare!

My daily life is much more organized this year with my daily planner.
Here is the backstory on this planner, Mike is a computer guy and bought me a tablet and I started using Google calendar. It linked me up with his calendar and with my phone calendar. Great, right? Wrong. I am not a techy girl. I know it is the thing, but I need to write things down, I need to see them on a regular basis. I like paper. Mike laughs at me all the time, because if I make a budget, I write it on paper. He always sees me with paper and a calculator and he just laughs! He does everything on a computer and that just isn't how I operate.

I finally decided that it was time for me to do things the way it would work for me. I read a lot of blogs and lots of them use a certain planner that seemed great, so I looked into that along with a bunch of others and ultimately chose this one by Plum Paper and I love it!

There is so much customization with this planner, that you can't go wrong. I ordered the planner and had the picture added to the cover. You can start at any month and add extra months. I made mine an 18 month planner as I ordered it in January and wanted the entire next school year in it. It is so nice to sit down and be able to add the whole school calendar in at once!

Monthly view

Weekly view

You can customize the inside too! Each month comes with a monthly view and weekly view and two notepad sheets. At the end of the calendars you can add additional notepad pages which I did and I still haven't used them all!

Lastly, you can customize the Weekly view. Each one of those line items was made by me.

Here is how I organize my week....

Mom/Dad - Our appointments, meetings, etc.
Kids - kids activities and appointments.
Errands - Things I need to do outside of the house for that day, groceries, Target, etc.
Home - Things I need to do inside the house that day, vacuum, laundry, clean bathroom, etc.
Workout - What my workout will be and when it will be that day.
Dinner - What's for dinner that night.
Blank - I left the last one blank and it has now been taken over by my blog idea for the day. When I bought the planner, I was not blogging yet!

I can not say enough good things about this planner! If it isn't written in the planner, I probably will forget, if it is in there, I am on top of it! Check out the store here on Etsy!

Now if only my desk cabinet could be as organized as my bathroom and my planner!!!

While we are talking about organization though, if you read about my New Years Goals, you know that there were a few spots in my own in desperate need of some organization! If you didn't read about it, can you read it here. The following pictures are the before and afters!

I have already knocked 2 spots off my list!

Coat closet

My closet will never look amazing, it just serves too many purposes and I just work with what I have in terms of organization, but you can see the floor and I can walk into it to find something! I call that a win!
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  1. Great ideas! I love a good planner :-)

  2. Love the idea of 'grab and go' containers for storage :) And I really like that planner and the tabs you put in. I'll have to check that brand out for next year!
    Thanks for linking up with us Sandra!
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones


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