Happy New Year

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last night we stayed in and I loved it! We had dinner with great friends and their super adorable new kiddo! After they left we picked up around the house a bit and got snuggled up. Netflix had a kids New Years countdown that we watched around 8pm, but then I flipped on New Years Rockin' Eve and Olivia was totally into all the concerts and Owen was pretty content so we didn't put the kids to bed and let them stay up and watch the New Years festivities. I hope I don't regret it today, letting them stay up so late, but last night I loved it!
Owen only made it until close to 11pm before he passed out. I wasn't too far behind him actually. Olivia and Mike woke me up right before Taylor Swift's concert but I quickly fell back to sleep (which I am disappointed about, I wanted to watch her with Olivia) and then they woke me again right before the ball dropped and I sat up and stayed awake for that!! I rang in the New Year with two of my favorite people!! I can't believe that Olivia stayed up, but according to her, "If the TV is on, she is on!!" And that is why she won't have a TV in her room for a very, very long time :)
2014 was a great year! We are truly blessed in our life. Of course there are things we want to change and things we want to do differently, but what we do have is amazing! Next week, I will get a little more specific about our 2015 goals, and I am looking forward to meeting those goals this year and improving our health, our time and our home in 2015!!
Happy New Year to you!!


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