How the Jeans Fit Friday #9

Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm a little crooked today...sorry! 

Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 197.6
Todays Weight = 197.4
Pounds lost this week = 0.2
Total Pounds Lost = 9.4
Pounds left to goal = 57.4

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed this week. After the stomach flu, I was down to 194 and I was super excited to see that number, within a day I had gone back up. Mike quickly reminded me that the 194 weight was when I was dehydrated so of course I would put back on some weight. Yes, of course, but I was still mad :) I worked out this week and until last night watched what I ate and I only lost 0.2 pounds, but it is a loss so I will take it! 
The Good...

  • I tracked my food almost every day on My Fitness Pal and stayed within my calorie goals
  • I worked out 3 days this week! I worked out with Sean T and started back in with T25. I forgot how much I liked the workout and how much it kicked my butt! 25 minutes and I feel like I worked out for 2 hours...maybe that is because I am out of shape, maybe??

The Bad and the Ugly...

  • I had a hard time getting up later in the week, so my routine has been a bit off. It was a long week for various reasons. Getting over the flu, heading back to school and my running from one activity to another. Then to top it off, my kids or more specifically, my daughter is driving me to drink this week (quite literally) and I have so much to prep for this weekend. I don't deal well with stress. It makes me want to eat and sleep ...not a good combo! 
  • Last night I went out with a friend, totally disregarded the diet, drank 3 beers and we split 4 delicious appetizers. I put this in the bad, because obviously this isn't diet friendly, but it wasn't a bad thing. After this week, I needed to get out. I went out with a good friend, had great conversation, laughed a lot and ate and drank. This is what I love to do. This is who I am. Why is what I love to do so bad for my diet?? This is a question I am struggling with a lot lately. A lot. You will hear more about this next week. 
That's it! Not a great week on the scale, but not a horrible week for my effort. Other than last night, I ate great and exercised. I plan to keep it up next week and hopefully will see more of that effort show up on the scale next week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

See you back here Sunday/Monday with my meal plan! 


Liebster Award

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I am so excited! I was nominated by Melanie Craft for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much Melanie for this opportunity to answer some fun questions and meet some new bloggers! 

For those of you that don't know, the Liebster award is an award for new bloggers with under 200 followers, who are just starting to get regular readers and fans! This is a great way to learn about new bloggers! The following are the questions from Melanie, that I need to answer for myself!

1. How did you decide on the title of your blog, and what’s it about?
I chose the name Keepin' it Real, because that is what I always vow to do. I am not going to sugar coat my journey. I am not going to lie. I am going to tell it how it is. One of my biggest pet peeves are people that will always tell you that "everything is awesome" (Lego movie quote, anyone??) when we all know that there are real struggles for everyone. I am going to tell you my struggles and hope that by doing that I am helping someone else feel "normal!"

2. Can you give 11 random facts about yourself?

  1. I love to be social, but am also a homebody! 
  2. I love celebrity news! Someday I hope to meet one, preferably, someone like Bradley Cooper!
  3. I wish I could plan parties for a living!
  4. Pretty much all bugs scare me, I am a huge baby though with anything that stings, is big or looks furry. 
  5. I get so happy to roll down all the windows in my car, on a beautiful day, listen to good music and drive all by myself. It is so freeing and gives me such a calm, happy feeling!  
  6. I love the beach. I love putting my feet in the sand and I could look at the view all day and be content! 
  7. I am almost always late. I always think I can squeeze in one more thing or under estimate how long it will take to get somewhere. When something is super important I am always really early because I make myself leave so much earlier than I normally would! 
  8. I am not a strong swimmer so being in deep water can make me anxious. 
  9. I live in such a technologically savvy world, but I still use pen and paper most of the time. 
  10. I get super excited to go down the school supply aisle in the stores, there is nothing I love more than new pens/pencils or notebooks. I was more excited as a kid for school supplies than for clothes! I love them! 
  11. I love to organize things. It gives me such satisfaction when it is done, although, I almost never keep it organized. I just love the process of organizing! 
3. What is something you’ve been loving lately?
Reading! I have always loved to read, but for years after having kids, I was lucky to read a couple books a year. Now that the kids are getting older, I am finding more and more time to read for pleasure! I joined a book club where I get lots of great book ideas. I have already read a few great ones this year and it is only mid February! Orphan Train, The Husbands Secret to name a few! Want the whole list? I will be doing a book review post next week! 

4. What is it you love most about blogging?
I love the accountability that it gives me in my weight loss journey. I love the support and new friendships I have made from my readers. I have loved some of the great feedback I have received from people also struggling that are benefiting from reading my blog. That is what it is all about to me! 

5. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

  1. To keep my family happy and healthy
  2. To be 100% financially stable forever
  3. To make me look at food as fuel for my body only, not yummy, delicious, goodness that I love to eat for enjoyment :)

6. Where does your blog inspiration come from?
Current life. That's pretty much it. What I am eating, what I am doing, things that are making me happy, etc. 

7. What is one country in the world you would like to visit? Why?
If I wasn't a traveling chicken, and dared to leave the country (some of you are laughing at me, I know!) I would love to see Portugal and Italy. I think it would be so cool to see the countries where my families are from. 

8. If you have kids or pets, what are their names? Tell me about your babies.
I  have 2 kids. Olivia and Owen. They are crazy. In the same day they can give me such joy and make me pull my hair out! 

Olivia is a sassy, 8 year old girl, who is incredibly smart, loves to learn, dances and cartwheels through the house more than she walks, has a great little group of friends. She can be shy, but usually only until she is comfortable. She is an absolute angel in the presence of anyone but us. Her teachers say they would love a classroom full of Olivia's, but when she gets home she gives us a run for our money! 

Owen is a  feisty, 4 year old boy, who is easy going (mostly), determined and hilarious. He makes me laugh just being him, on a daily basis and I love it. He is sensitive and sweet, while also being a rough and tough little guy! He loves trucks, to play outside and plays so well with all of his friends. Next year he is off to Kindergarten and I still can't believe it. I don't know where the time went. I will be excited for him and in some ways, I am ready for him to go as much as he is ready, but my days will be a little lonely for sure! 

9. A long-lost relative leaves you a large sum of money. What do you do with it?
This is easy! We put our second floor on the house...immediately! And someone else does all the work! We are busting at the seams in this house and we all need our own space. With the money, I would take a nice long vacation on a tropical beach and when I came back we would have 3 bedrooms upstairs! 

10. What is something you do when you need to take time for yourself?
I don't often spend a lot of time by myself. If I did find myself alone, a book, a glass of wine and a bath would be heaven, wandering Target by myself, would be a close second! But when I take time for myself, it usually involves my girlfriends. I try to make myself get out with my friends a few times during the month. You will often find me having dinner or drinks with a friend on a weeknight and I have book club once a month. I also go away with friends 2-3 times per year. Twice a year, I go locally to a hotel where we scrapbook for the weekend. And once a year I spend a weekend with my cousin. We pick a new location somewhere between Maine and Rhode Island each year and spend a weekend, in a hotel or bed and breakfast, we don't cook, we eat out for all our meals, we shop and just enjoy some time to ourselves! I come back a renewed mom and wife, I find these weekends to be a necessity in my life!!

11. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In 5 years, I hope to have reached some important goals for myself and my family. My house will be done, I will be happy with my body and I will be spending time figuring out what I want to do with my life! Both my kiddos will be in school full time and I will need to decide what I want do with all my spare time! I hope to be helping people in some way, but still don't know how! 

Now I get to nominate some great new bloggers. Pop over and check them out! 


  • Answer the eleven questions given to you by the person that nominated you (see below). Please comment on this post with your link when you are done so I can see your answers!
  • In your post, link back to the person/blog who nominated you and give a little thank you shout out.
  • After completing the questions, nominate eleven bloggers with under 200 followers on the social media platform of your choice, and give them eleven questions of your choice.
  • Notify your nominees of their nomination, and provide a link to your post so that they know what to do.


1. How did you decide on the title of your blog, and what’s it about?
2. Can you give 11 random facts about yourself?
3. What is something you’ve been loving lately?
4. What is it you love most about blogging?
5. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
6. Where does your blog inspiration come from?
7. What is one country in the world you would like to visit? Why?
8. If you have kids or pets, what are their names? Tell me about your babies.
9. A long-lost relative leaves you a large sum of money. What do you do with it?
10. What is something you do when you need to take time for yourself?
11. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Thanks again, Melanie for nominating me! I hope you all feel like you have gotten to know me a little better after answering all these questions! 

Come back tomorrow for How the Jeans Fit Friday! 

Books, Books, Books

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I love to read, but for years, I hadn't been making the time for it. Lately, though I have turned that around! You will almost always find me reading at least once a day. I have found that it is the best way to get me tired at night. I used to love the noise of the TV to fall asleep, but now that I am so used to staying up late, the TV keeps me up for too long. Reading on the other hand, puts me to sleep. Not in a, this is so boring, I can't keep my eyes open way, but just the act of reading makes my eyes sleepy!

Over the last few months, I have read some excellent books! I couldn't resist doing a book review!

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. This was a true World War II story, and an unbelievable one at that. I read this for book club, and going in, I didn't think I would like it, but I really, really did. The story was well written and made you want to know what happened in the end. There were sometimes in the book, where I thought, no way this could all be happening to this man, you have so much respect for him at the end. Be warned, I thought the beginning part dragged a bit, but once it got going, I couldn't put it down. It is worth pushing through the detail of the beginning to get to the good stuff! Now I am looking forward to seeing the movie! 

Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. Loved this book! When I started reading it, I sort of thought "I know what this is going to be about and how it will end" If you think this at first, and think, maybe you don't want to finish it, I urge you to continue because it is very unexpected and was such a good book. We read this in our book club and it made for some great conversations! 

Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline. Such a good book. This would not be one that I would normally pick out myself, but it was a book club book and I am so glad it was! I could not put this book down, I read it in a weekend. This book follows two orphans, one present day and one in the past and I wanted to know what happened to both, I couldn't put it down! 

The First Phone Call from Heaven, by Mitch Albom. I had seen this book at the book store a few months ago and knew right away that I wanted to read it. The story line was interesting and I did want to follow a few characters to the end to see how it turned out, but I was not as into it as some of the other books I have read recently. I don't know what I thought it would be about, but it wasn't what I expected! 

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. I could not put this book down. I read half the book in one day and the rest the next! From the second I started reading, I wanted to know what was going to happen and even as things unfolded, there was still lots you wanted to know! Loved it, highly recommend! 

Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty, Since I loved the Husband's Secret so much and had been told that this book was so good, it was next on my list! It did not disappoint, my goodness, I could not put this one down, either. Reading two of this authors books, back to back, I can't make a decision which one I liked them both! I know I will be reading more from this author in the next few months! 

Allegiant, by Veronica Roth, is what I am reading now. This is the third book in the Divergent series. I loved the first two, this one, I am unsure of what I think so far. I will let you know next time I have accumulated some books and do a review!! 

Some of these I never would have taken a second glance at if I hadn't joined a book group. I love going to book group. It is broadening my literary horizons, I am meeting some new friends at Olivia's school and I am breaking out of my comfort zone, by expressing my opinions around people I don't know that well! It has been a great experience! 

I also signed up for a Goodreads challenge to read 28 books this year. At least 2 books per month, plus a few extras. I am right on track (actually a little ahead) so far this year and hope to keep it up all year long! Check out the sidebar and you can keep track of how many books I have read!  You can follow along with what I am reading and set your own goals on Goodreads!

 My read shelf:
Sandy Litcher's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)

Look for another book review in a few months, when hopefully I have read about 6 more books :)

Now I need to hear from you...

Do you have any good book suggestions?? I want to hear them! 

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Menu Plan Monday

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kids are going back to school this week! I love my time with my kiddos, but I also love having some time to myself, I can't lie! We had a great week, up until the dreaded stomach flu ruined the end of my week, but it is passed and I am ready to get back to our normal routine.

Before the flu hit, we had lots of outings with friends, ate out, had a few cocktails (nightly),  and all around had a ton of fun, but it wasn't diet friendly, by any means. With that being said, the flu, pretty much handled all the weight gain for me, so I get to start fresh or even about 3 pounds lighter than my last weigh in. It may have come at a price, but I'll take it!

Back on track today. For the most part, I have eaten the BRAT diet today. Toast and a banana for breakfast, white rice and a small amount of chicken soup for lunch. My stomach doesn't feel 100% so I am taking it easy. I do have Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin in the crockpot for tonight, and it is making my house smell delicious! I hope I can stomach it! Now on to what I have planned for the rest of the week!

Breakfast Options
  1. All Bran, Kind Granola and Unsweetened Almond Milk
  2. Toast and Banana

  1. Trader Joe's Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup and half sandwich
  2. Salad with leftover grilled chicken - see below 
  3. Ham wraps - veggie wrap, greens, tomatoes and a tiny bit of light mayo! So good!

  1. Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin served with Brussel sprouts and brown rice
  2. Teriyaki Chicken - I have marinated a bunch of it to put on the grill tomorrow and eat for dinner twice and too add to salad for lunches for the rest of the week. 
  3. Shrimp Fajitas - made with this recipe, but subbing shrimp for the chicken
  4. Breakfast for dinner - eggs, turkey bacon, fruit
  5. Pizza served with veggies
  6. Turkey dinner wraps (we didn't have this last week because of the flu), turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce! 

  1. Clementines and cashews
  2. Protein shake with fruit or peanut butter
  3. On the Go Shake with cashews on the side
  4. Popcorn
  5. Veggies with hummus
I am a little late in putting together the plan, but now I need to make my grocery list. Organizing each meal and even snacks like this, really makes the grocery list super quick and easy! 

As always, I am linking up with the Laura's and Jill!

Have a great Monday! 

How the Jeans Fit Friday #8

Friday, February 20, 2015

Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 198.2
Todays Weight = 197.6
Pounds lost this week = 0.6
Total Pounds Lost = 9.2
Pounds left to goal = 57.6
This version of How the Jeans Fit Friday is going to be short and to the point. Yesterday, I had the stomach flu and slept all day. Today, I am up but not feeling 100%. I don't remember the last time I had a stomach flu, it has been years and years. It is not fun!

I wish I could take credit for my weight loss this week, but let's be honest, the only reason I lost is because of the flu! This week prior to yesterday, was filled with fun, friends, food and drinks. I know I had gained this week, but then yesterday took care of all that weight gain.

The rest of vacation is pretty low key. Today I am going to survive on Saltines, toast and Gingerale. Saturday and Sunday we have no plans other than getting ready for the week ahead. Next week we are back to our regular schedule.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! See you all back here Monday with my Menu Plan! 



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's that time again, documenting what I ate! My plan was to document everything I ate on Valentine's Day, but after breakfast, I forgot to take pictures. We did have a nice dinner, but for the rest of the day, I ate chocolate, cupcakes and cookies. It was just a bit out of control. We ended the day with chocolate covered strawberries, a valentines tradition for us, and I woke up feeling nauseous. Next year, we choose one dessert and don't spend our day baking, but this year we did have a great time. Olivia loves helping me bake in the kitchen and we enjoyed it! If only I could not eat what I bake :) 

Then I started taking pictures of what I ate yesterday, and again forgot to document my dinner. Mike and I went out for dinner last night and I completely forgot to snap a pic before I ate and remembered once I got home. So instead of a Valentine's Day edition or a Tuesday edition, it is a bit random! 


I found this cute idea on Pinterest for heart shaped cinnamon rolls. We LOVE cinnamon rolls in this house. It is a holiday tradition. I have made them in a shape of tree on Christmas morning and when I saw the heart shaped ones, I knew right away that's what I would be making on Valentine's day. 

When I put them in the pan, I looked at mine compared to the picture on Pinterest and I thought I was having my first Pinterest fail! Mine look nothing like the picture!!

But I frosted mine with Pink icing and red sprinkles and in the end, they looked a little like hearts, at least compared to the round ones I made! 


For lunch, I bought some great wraps, they are only 60 calories and really yummy! I decided at the grocery store that I was getting sick of turkey, so I went with ham instead and I have been loving having it in a wrap with a little lite mayo, lettuce, and tomato. I am actually looking forward to lunch!


Well, dinners! Valentine's dinner we started with French onion soup with the kids while they ate dinner. Then after they went to bed, we had Mushroom, truffle ravioli's with a mushroom medley on top! It was all from Trader Joe's and already cooked so it was all just heated up quick. Nothing fancy for us! In the end, we didn't love the dinner and I sort of wish we had done take out thai food!

Last night we went to a neighborhood restaurant for date night. We ordered famous "dirt wings" as an appetizer and I had 3. They are so good, not good for you as they are fried of course, but we love them and can't resist when we go there! 

Then I had my favorite meal, Haddock Casco bay. It is a baked haddock, with a crumb topping and a  white wine sauce with mushrooms and shrimp. Rice pilaf and a salad on the side! I really wish I had taken a picture! It is such a good meal! I rotate between two meals at this particular restaurant, so it won't be too long before I have it again. I will remember to take a picture next time! 

For next week, maybe I will do a whole post on dinners! Get myself into the habit of taking dinner pictures! Here are some pictures of random dinners from my older pics! 

Today we are off to Seacoast fun park for some wild snow tubing and I could not be more excited! We are going to have a blast! Hope you all have a great Wednesday! 

Today, as always, I am linking up with Jenn for WIAW! 

See you back here on Friday for How the Jeans Fit Friday!

Our Love Story

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today, I am joining, Andrea at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday. Our love story!

This weekend marked, Mike and I's 17th Valentine's day together! We will have been dating for 18 years in April and married 10 years in May. Wow!

We are high school sweethearts. We met when I was a junior and he was a sophmore in high school!

We had worked together at CVS for about 6 months before we went out on our first date. Mike was painfully shy, when we met and I had to ask him out for our first date. My parents were sick of hearing me talk about him, and they made me ask him out, knowing, even if he did like me, he wasn't going to ask  me out! So they threatened to ground me for 2 weeks if I didn't call and ask him out.

There was NO way, I wanted to be grounded (who knows if they really would have, but I wasn't risking it) so I called. I asked. He said yes! 

We went to see this classic...

Then we went out for ice cream! I can still remember exactly what I wore, I bought it special for the night. We hit it off, and the next time, he called and asked me out! The rest is history! 

A few weeks after our first date, I asked him to my junior prom and he said yes, again!

A few more proms after that one...

My Senior Prom
Mike's Junior Prom

Mike's Senior Prom

Then I went to college...for....6 weeks, at University of Maine Orono, got mono really bad and came home. So we did the long distance thing for just a few weeks. I was home for the rest of the year. Then the following year, Mike went to Orono. We did long distance for 4.5 years after that. 

The first two years we saw each other every 2-3 weeks, then we started the almost every weekend driving (2 hours). I could never do it now, but somehow, I drove up there almost every weekend, came home and worked and went to school and "played" with my friends all during the week?? I would never leave my bed now! I would always be grouchy and times have changed!

When I look back at this time in our lives, although I hated being apart at the time, I think it was a great thing for us. Being so young when we met (15 years old), I think that it was good that we got some time to live our own lives. He was in college, living in the dorms, part of a fraternity and I worked, went to school part time and lived with super fun roommates who are still some of my best friends to this day! We had a long time when we didn't get to spend all of our time together, so that we could grow as people and not just as a couple! 

Luckily, when we grew, we still loved each other!

The summer before his extra semester at school, he proposed!

I was shocked!!! Yes, I knew we wanted to get married (we had known that for years) but as much as I would have loved to be engaged, I did not expect a ring until after he finished school!

We planned the wedding for May 28th 2005.

 It was one of the best days of my life! I can't say the best since now we have kids, although wedding day came without lots and lots of excruciating pain first, so maybe??? :) Totally kidding!

Honeymoon in Bermuda

On the cruise ship docked in Bermuda!

18 long years ago, we went to a movie and today, we have a beautiful life together. It has/is not always easy. We aren't always on the same page, we fight, we get crazy irritated with each other, but we always laugh...always! I wouldn't trade this crazy life for anything. 

Today, I thank god, that I didn't get the job at Shaw's, where I applied first, so that I could meet my best friend! Love you Michael Litcher :)


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Menu Plan Monday

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Today I am recovering from my chocolate coma! I am not going to lie, I survived on chocolate and sweets yesterday. Today I woke up feeling nauseous. I may have gone overboard? #justkeepinitreal

The good thing is that today, I can't even look at chocolate or sweets so I am right back on track!

Now it is school vacation week and we have some fun things planned. We are going to go snow tubing at a fun place nearby that has a huge hill and a ski lift type thing for you and your tube  to get back up the hill. We are going with friends and it should be a blast. We have ice skating or snowshoeing, a birthday party and some playdates, also on the agenda! Should be a fun week!

I am still going to plan, to a certain point so that way I know what the plan is, but the chances of things changing this week are pretty good!

Breakfast Options
  1. Egg White Omelet with mushrooms, onion and cheese, side of strawberries or half english muffin.
  2. Bran cereal and granola mix with almond milk and a side of fruit (this will likely be my breakfast most days, I ate it a bunch last week and loved it!)
  3. Paleo Pumpkin Muffins with tea and fruit

Lunch Options
  1. Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup and half turkey wrap or sandwich on the side. 
  2. Buffalo Garlic Chicken Medley
  3. Leftover Turkey Dinner wraps (see below)
Dinner Options
  1. Chicken Fajitas... We ended up not having them this past week.  
  2. Homemade Pizza
  3. Pork Tenderloin from the freezer served with veggies and a salad.
  4. Turkey, rice and veggie
  5. Turkey Dinner wraps (Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce!) served with cut up veggies.
  6. Breakfast for dinner
  7. Eating out for dinner one night. 
Snack Options
  1. Veggies and Hummus
  2. Protein shake with a handful of almonds for on the go
  3. Greek yogurt with honey and granola
  4. Popcorn
  5. Clementine and cashews
Now I need to make my grocery list and head off to the store. I realized that if I don't go today, I have to bring 2 kids with me this week, so I am making the time today, for sure! :) 

As always, I am linking up with the Laura's and Jill!
Jill Conyers

Tomorrow, come back for Show and Tell Tuesday, when I tell all about Mike and I's LOVE story!

Have a great Monday! 

How the Jeans Fit Friday #7

Friday, February 13, 2015

Before we talk about the scale, can we take a sec to talk about my cute Jamberry toes?! I am loving the simple, cute pattern of these snowflakes and they are perfect for the weather we are having! 

Moving on...

Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 199.4
Todays Weight = 198.2
Pounds lost this week = 1.2
Total Pounds Lost = 8.6
Pounds left to goal = 58.2

This was not as much of a loss as I was hoping for, or was expecting, and it had everything to do with my eating yesterday (more below), but I am back on track today!

The Good...

  • As for eating, besides one day, I did great! I felt really on target and was happy with my choices. I never felt like I over ate, and tried to make good balanced meals. 
  • I did PIYO 3 times this week and walked the mall once. Not bad. I would like to get in some more, but 3 is better than none (which we all know, is what I usually say)! The week after next, I plan to start Zumba at least once per week and I am really excited about that! 
  • I went to bed early and got up early every day! I am really finding a good rhythm to my day. I am starting to get into a schedule that works for me to do all the things I need to get done. I am planning my day better and I feel like I am accomplishing more. Of course, next week is vacation week, so I can basically throw all of this out the window :) But, after that I will have a good 6 weeks before the next vacation! 

The Bad and the Ugly...

  • Yesterday (of course the day before I weigh in) was not a good eating day. It started off great, but then Owen and I met friends at McDonald's for lunch and some play time at the play place inside. I got myself a Sweet chili chicken wrap made with grilled chicken, not bad 380 calories. But I ordered the meal so it came with fries and I ate them all while I sat and chatted with friends, then the kids (or maybe it was the adults?) wanted dessert and we all got hot fudge sundaes...another 330 calories. I would say it was peer pressure (Robin and Mariah!) but it wasn't, I wanted it just as bad! I ate all this and then plugged it in to my fitness pal (thanks for the reminder, Amanda) and saw this before I even ate dinner.....
  • I tracked consistently for like a day or two and then fell off the tracking wagon. My friend reminded me to track yesterday and I am back at it! I will try to be consistent with it from here on out! 
  • Not enough exercise! I have been thinking of posting what my exercise plan is on here as well as eating, just to keep myself even more accountable! We will see, you might see that come out with my meal plan next week! 
The plan for next week is to stay on track, as much as possible. Valentine's day is going to be a wash, I bought some things for a really yummy breakfast and dinner and of course I hope to find some of these in the morning....

More than likely, they will be gone by Sunday, so back on track I will go! I will do the best I can during vacation week and hopefully since we don't have to rush out the door in the mornings, I will get a workout in each morning. That way even if the eating isn't perfect, hopefully the working out will counteract the eating! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day! We are spending the day as a family, baking, eating and playing! 

Look at this cutie as she went off to school today! 

Oh and we are gearing up for the next snowstorm, which if you have been following along, you might not believe it, but we are supposed to get another 15-20 inches of snow and blizzard conditions Saturday night into Sunday. It almost feels like a joke, I am not kidding. Check it out! 

#Isurrender #toomuchsnow

See you all back here next week 

Monday - Menu Plan Monday
Tuesday - Show and Tell - Our Love Story
Wednesday - WIAW - Valentines Eats
Friday - How the Jeans Fit Friday

Have a great day! 
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