How the Jeans Fit Friday #6

Friday, February 6, 2015

Insert sad face here :(

Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 196.4
Todays Weight = 199.4
Pounds lost this week =  (+3)
Total Pounds Lost = 7.4
Pounds left to goal = 59.4

Well, well, well, we have a first gain. I am not surprised, as this is probably the absolute worst day of the month for me to get on the scale. Worst day! I knew this was going to happen. When I got on the scale earlier in the week, I was up a little already. Although I felt like I was right on the diet after Monday this week, loss just wasn't happening and today, I can just feel the gain. It is what it is. 

The Good...

  • I  ate exactly what I was supposed to most of the week. Sunday, I had a few leftovers from my party, and Monday I had a liquid diet and missed a meal (we had no food in the house and I don't drive when it is snowing bad) but after that, I was right on target this week! (although that didn't show on the scale)
  • I went to bed early and got up early each day this week. I had to force myself to go to bed each night...FORCE. But I was asleep by around 10:30 each night and up by 6:15 each morning. It felt great! Got some work done in the morning, mornings went smoother, we were out the door on time each day, and I was more motivated during the day! 
  • I started PIYO!! I did it... BUT, only one day...move onto the bad....

The Bad and the Ugly...

  • I didn't start PIYO until yesterday. I planned to start Sunday and I didn't start until Thursday, but I started so that counts, right?? I have 2 thoughts about exercise and me...
  1. I don't like to exercise. At. All. But when I am finished, I feel so good. Like really, really good. One workout and I feel better about myself. Yet tomorrow, you know, I know, I won't want to workout! Why is this???!!
  2. Although I do like PIYO, I also remember there was a time that I really liked Zumba and the group atmosphere is also something I really like and miss. It is not realistic budget wise or time wise to be able to do Zumba classes multiple times each week, but I would like to get to a class at least once per week, and I think that is doable. There are some classes going on when Owen is in school and there are Saturday classes. So I think I will add that to my schedule! I think finding something that I really enjoy is going to be key to making the thought of working out a little less dreadful :)
  • I am getting a little bored with the diet. I am not going to lie, I am getting tired of constantly having to think about what I am eating, how long it has been between meals and I am getting bored with my meals. Is it that I am 6 weeks in to a diet and the newness has worn off and I don't want to do it anymore, regardless of what diet? Or, do I need a little change? Again, I have a few thoughts...
  1. Since, I have detoxed from sugar and sweets being on this diet, could I now handle just a "lifestyle" change and just change my way of eating. For example, I have been doing a little research (on Pinterest, where else??) about eating Paleo. I have some friends that do this diet and I am wanting to learn some more! I can tell right off the bat, that I would miss cheese, but besides cheese it is similar to how I am eating now. Lots of whole foods, but the combination of foods is different than what I am currently doing, which would be a really good thing. Could I eat this way and still lose weight though? 
  2. Do I need to continue with the structure of this diet? Structure is good for me in the eating department. I do enjoy most of what I am eating, but dinners are getting a little boring for me. I hate when I find a recipe that looks great, but has fat and a carb in it.  It is starting to irritate me! I like eating more frequently and my body relies on it now, but sometimes the strict timing can be a little difficult. 
I don't know?? Could I just take on a healthy lifestyle, now that I don't crave massive amounts of sweets and deliciousness all the time? I have made no decisions, I am just "keepin it real" and letting you know that the diet and I are not getting along quite as well as we were :)

Question for my readers today (I know I have a few Paleo eaters!)

Have you used the Paleo way of eating for weight loss? 

Do you still need to track everything you eat and calories? or just by eating the Paleo way, do you find that there is weight loss? 

These thoughts didn't start because of my lack of weight loss, I am just not into the eating plan as much as I was before. Maybe I just need to change some things up a little because when I think about the thinking behind the diet, the reason for the way I am putting meals together, etc, it all makes so much sense to me still. So, I probably need to find some new recipes that will work and continue on. 

I am just emptying all my thoughts on here! What do you all think??

What have others done for weight loss? 

What do you think I should do? Give me your opinions!!!

Although this week was not a good one on the scale, I did get more sleep at the right time and I started my exercise program. I call that a win!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Hey sandy I love your blog! I too am on a fitness journey and understand what you mean about working out! I decided to make it fun by taking dance fitness classes once a week and then working out on my own two times a week! I struggled with the food choices too but then I realized that food doesn't have to be fattening to taste amazing! I post easy healthy recipes on my blog that taste amazing if you want to take a look :) Good luck on your journey!

  2. Don't get frustrated when the scale is up! I fluctuate all the time and I have started averaging my weight from week to week to see what I lost because some days I may have eaten a little more or have more water weight. It has helped me to average my weight from week to week to really see what my weight is from week to week.

  3. That is exactly how I feel about my food choices as well. I enjoy reading your blog and feel many times that you and I are walking the same path.

  4. Love to see how you are doing! I struggle with food as well. I have lots of food allergies, and can't do sugar, wheat, dairy, egg or anything fermented. It's frustrating and boring, but I know I feel so much better when I eat the way I should.
    I need to get in gear and start some sort of exercise. I can't wait until it's spring and I can get out and walk! Thanks for linking up with us in the Best of the Blogosphere!


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