How the Jeans Fit Friday #9

Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm a little crooked today...sorry! 

Starting weight = 206.8
Goal Weight = 140
Last Weigh in = 197.6
Todays Weight = 197.4
Pounds lost this week = 0.2
Total Pounds Lost = 9.4
Pounds left to goal = 57.4

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed this week. After the stomach flu, I was down to 194 and I was super excited to see that number, within a day I had gone back up. Mike quickly reminded me that the 194 weight was when I was dehydrated so of course I would put back on some weight. Yes, of course, but I was still mad :) I worked out this week and until last night watched what I ate and I only lost 0.2 pounds, but it is a loss so I will take it! 
The Good...

  • I tracked my food almost every day on My Fitness Pal and stayed within my calorie goals
  • I worked out 3 days this week! I worked out with Sean T and started back in with T25. I forgot how much I liked the workout and how much it kicked my butt! 25 minutes and I feel like I worked out for 2 hours...maybe that is because I am out of shape, maybe??

The Bad and the Ugly...

  • I had a hard time getting up later in the week, so my routine has been a bit off. It was a long week for various reasons. Getting over the flu, heading back to school and my running from one activity to another. Then to top it off, my kids or more specifically, my daughter is driving me to drink this week (quite literally) and I have so much to prep for this weekend. I don't deal well with stress. It makes me want to eat and sleep ...not a good combo! 
  • Last night I went out with a friend, totally disregarded the diet, drank 3 beers and we split 4 delicious appetizers. I put this in the bad, because obviously this isn't diet friendly, but it wasn't a bad thing. After this week, I needed to get out. I went out with a good friend, had great conversation, laughed a lot and ate and drank. This is what I love to do. This is who I am. Why is what I love to do so bad for my diet?? This is a question I am struggling with a lot lately. A lot. You will hear more about this next week. 
That's it! Not a great week on the scale, but not a horrible week for my effort. Other than last night, I ate great and exercised. I plan to keep it up next week and hopefully will see more of that effort show up on the scale next week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

See you back here Sunday/Monday with my meal plan! 



  1. I think any weight lost is a success. I've been so bad with my diet lately and I know I'm up quite a few pounds. Good luck with the next week!

  2. Have a foot injury and having the hardest time working out. Hopefully next week will be better for both of us.

  3. Days like this are so hard. Who knows, you could be retaining water and you'll see a big drop next week. The positive is that the scale did go down. Have a great weekend!

  4. A loss is a loss, at least you didn't gain! I think you should take some joys where you get them. :) Still, I know the discouragement is harder to handle on your own, and I would be discouraged too. Chin up-you've got this.


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