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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today, I am joining, Andrea at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday. Our love story!

This weekend marked, Mike and I's 17th Valentine's day together! We will have been dating for 18 years in April and married 10 years in May. Wow!

We are high school sweethearts. We met when I was a junior and he was a sophmore in high school!

We had worked together at CVS for about 6 months before we went out on our first date. Mike was painfully shy, when we met and I had to ask him out for our first date. My parents were sick of hearing me talk about him, and they made me ask him out, knowing, even if he did like me, he wasn't going to ask  me out! So they threatened to ground me for 2 weeks if I didn't call and ask him out.

There was NO way, I wanted to be grounded (who knows if they really would have, but I wasn't risking it) so I called. I asked. He said yes! 

We went to see this classic...

Then we went out for ice cream! I can still remember exactly what I wore, I bought it special for the night. We hit it off, and the next time, he called and asked me out! The rest is history! 

A few weeks after our first date, I asked him to my junior prom and he said yes, again!

A few more proms after that one...

My Senior Prom
Mike's Junior Prom

Mike's Senior Prom

Then I went to college...for....6 weeks, at University of Maine Orono, got mono really bad and came home. So we did the long distance thing for just a few weeks. I was home for the rest of the year. Then the following year, Mike went to Orono. We did long distance for 4.5 years after that. 

The first two years we saw each other every 2-3 weeks, then we started the almost every weekend driving (2 hours). I could never do it now, but somehow, I drove up there almost every weekend, came home and worked and went to school and "played" with my friends all during the week?? I would never leave my bed now! I would always be grouchy and exhausted...how times have changed!

When I look back at this time in our lives, although I hated being apart at the time, I think it was a great thing for us. Being so young when we met (15 years old), I think that it was good that we got some time to live our own lives. He was in college, living in the dorms, part of a fraternity and I worked, went to school part time and lived with super fun roommates who are still some of my best friends to this day! We had a long time when we didn't get to spend all of our time together, so that we could grow as people and not just as a couple! 

Luckily, when we grew, we still loved each other!

The summer before his extra semester at school, he proposed!

I was shocked!!! Yes, I knew we wanted to get married (we had known that for years) but as much as I would have loved to be engaged, I did not expect a ring until after he finished school!

We planned the wedding for May 28th 2005.

 It was one of the best days of my life! I can't say the best since now we have kids, although wedding day came without lots and lots of excruciating pain first, so maybe??? :) Totally kidding!

Honeymoon in Bermuda

On the cruise ship docked in Bermuda!

18 long years ago, we went to a movie and today, we have a beautiful life together. It has/is not always easy. We aren't always on the same page, we fight, we get crazy irritated with each other, but we always laugh...always! I wouldn't trade this crazy life for anything. 

Today, I thank god, that I didn't get the job at Shaw's, where I applied first, so that I could meet my best friend! Love you Michael Litcher :)


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  1. love your story! love your blog! and love this linkup!!!... i love finding new linkups! thank you for sharing ♥

  2. Loved your story and all the "old" pictures! Awesome!

  3. Love this! What a sweet story. It's so much fun to hear what movies people saw if one of their first dates was a movie. Liar Liar is such a fun one!

  4. Omgsh, scrolling through the pictures is so heartwarming! It looks like y'all have really grown together. :) I agree that long distance probably helped y'all live up your college days! I always wonder how high school sweethearts handle that stage of life.

  5. I love those prom photos!!
    What a sweet story, Sandy :)

  6. Love the prom photos - you guys are adorable!! That's awesome that you guys have known each other that long...so many memories :) Thanks for sharing your story, Sandy!

  7. How awesome is that! I think about the guy I dated when I was 15, and yeah so wouldn't have worked out. So so awesome it did. Thanks for linking up with the Best of the Blogosphere


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