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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amazingly, I could have done another snow day edition. This snow is getting out of control!! My kids have not had a full week of school for at least 3 weeks. We had another snow day on Monday. We have had 4 feet, 3 inches of snow in the last 3 weeks. I can't remember a winter that has been like this. To top it all off, it has been crazy cold, so none of it is melting!! 

When I sit on my couch and look out the front window, this is what I see...

White stuff...Look how far up the telephone pole it goes!

It is crazy! It is making driving so difficult because they have no where to put the snow. The roads are getting so narrow, you can't see pulling out of any side roads. I was taking it in stride at first, but now I am feeling really done with this snow, but we have another storm coming on Thursday... HELP!

If you read How the Jeans Fit Friday #6 and Menu Plan Monday, you know that I am taking a break from carb cycling for a few weeks to just track my calories, eat clean and lower carb.

Last week, on Friday, I gained weight and when I got on the scale this morning, just for a little check, I was back to my weight from week 5! So it is working! 

This is a random selection of some of the things I have been eating. 


Saturday morning, I made pancakes as a special treat! 

Monday I had my usual egg white omelet with mushrooms, onions and cheese and a side of strawberries! 

I made this mixture which I really loved. 1/4 cup All Bran, 1/3 cup Kind Granola and almond milk. Surprisingly, this tasted really good. I loved all the textures and I know I will be eating this again! So perfect for the mornings that I am in a rush and need to take something down quick!! 

Here are the ingredients I use...


Sunday night, I forgot to start the crock pot early enough so instead I took this Sausage, broccoli and cheese soup out of the freezer, I added a little pasta to it and we had it with a slice of bread. I enjoyed it. Then I had the leftovers the next two days for lunch. I am all about quick and easy and heating up lunch, couldn't get easier! I finished it yesterday and never took a picture. Sorry! 


Monday night I remembered to start the crock pot so we had Mongolian Beef with brown rice and broccoli. This was delicious! Delicious! Do you like chinese food? If you do, you should definitely try this. It tastes like chinese food, but homemade! Bonus, it was easily thrown together during my September freezer cooking session and then just put it in the crock pot, day of! Perfect! 

Tuesday, I had leftovers, it was mostly broccoli and sauce left, with a few pieces of the meat, but I was eating quick in between evening activities so it worked! 


I was very much  missing popcorn and I have made up for it by having it every day since I veered away from carb cycling. Some days, just a bit from kid leftovers, but one night I ate half the bag! I talked about my favorite kind on Monday, but in case you missed it, you should try this kind....

Honestly, this is so different from how I was eating, but I haven't been snacking much. I have been really busy and I just haven't thought about it. This is not necessarily a good thing, but just how the days have been going. I am going to try harder to make sure to get some snacks in to keep my metabolism up. My regular meals are not getting larger though because of my lack of snacks. I still feel full after eating a little bit and I am still listening to my body. So it is working, so far! 

Also since it is so close to Valentine's Day, I wanted to show you a wreath that I made! 

I found inspiration from Sweet Little Ones and the Queen in Between when they posted their Valentine's wreaths. Click on the their links to be brought right to the instructions!

Since I made it so close to Valentine's Day, I decided just to stick on some hearts with double sided  tape so that I could easily take them off and replace them with flowers for spring! 

I love the way it turned out!

Linking up today with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for the fabulous, WIAW!!

Next week, I will be back with a Valentine's day edition! But first, come on back Friday, to see how the jeans fit! Have a great Wednesday! I am off to a field trip with Olivia's class today! 


  1. I guess I've got some catching up to do -- I had no idea you were taking a break from carb cycling! The mongolian beef in a crock pot sounds good, I may have to give that a try...

    1. Yeah, just needed a break from the rigidity of the diet! I am going to do another cycle in a few weeks. That is the benefit of it being split into 4 week cycles!

  2. I just love your wreath - it is so adorable - and looks super easy to make! Thanks for sharing. :)


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