WIAW - Snow Day Edition

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If you read last week, you know that we got a blizzard on Tuesday. Believe it or not, we have had 2 more storms since. Monday (the day I documented what I ate), was one of them and yet another snow day for the kids. My kids are going to be going to school until July, if this keeps up. Not to mention that we have had about 4 feet of snow in the last week. Unreal! 

The day I decided to take pictures of what I ate, was a super boring day! I hadn't gone to the grocery store on Sunday and then it was snowing and I don't drive in the snow if I don't absolutely have to. So, we were in desperate need of some food. The kids were fine, they had plenty, but we were lacking in the protein department. So, I almost had a liquid diet yesterday...

Meal #1

Protein shake with pineapple, cantaloupe, melon and strawberries. 

Meal #2

Mushroom, onion and Monterary jack jalapeno cheese, egg white omelet. My favorite! 

Meal #3

I found this great shake to take with me on the go! Super high in protein, low in sugar, hardly any carbs. There is a vanilla, chocolate and cookies n' cream. I really like how it tastes, no chalky or after taste, which is a must for me. I am really picky about what I drink, so I am so happy to have found these! This has been perfect to take with me when I can not be home, I add a handful of almonds and call it a meal! This day I wasn't on the road, but since there was no food, I decided to have it! 

Meal #4

Protein shake with peanut butter added. I know, I said I wasn't going to eat peanut butter this week, but again, what choice did I have? No food, means I had to make do with what we had!

Meal #5

Clearly, I missed a meal because I only had 4 pictures...ooops! 

As promised last week, I have some pictures of how much snow we have around here! It is pretty crazy. We are in Maine and pretty used to getting a lot of snow over the course of winter, but I think this is a first where we have gotten the bulk of our winter snow in a weeks time! 

Against the garage, check out the height of the snow! 

Anymore snow and it will be up to the windows! 
This is the gate to the backyard. We can not open it, so we just walk over it! 

The snow completely covers the fence in the front of the house,
but in the back where the ground slopes you can still see that
we have a fence! 
If the snow gets any higher the swings will be under the snow!

We used to have a fun climber back there, now we have half a climber!

Full backyard view with a sunset! Had to add this one in because I thought it looked pretty! 

That's it for today! Super boring eats, but the snow pics make up for it, I hope!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! I am off to walk the mall with a friend! See you all back here on Friday for How the Jeans Fit Friday! Come on back to see how the diet worked out this week :) 

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  1. That is a ton of snow! I wouldn't want to go out in that either if I didn't have to. I grew up in the midwest, but after living in SoCal for many years now, yeah I am such a wimp!

    1. It is a ton of snow! Even for a Mainer, I think it is crazy! We usually get this much snow, but it is spread out through the whole winter, not a week!!

    2. It is a ton of snow! Even for a Mainer, I think it is crazy! We usually get this much snow, but it is spread out through the whole winter, not a week!!

  2. That is a ton of snow. I hear more is coming this weekend? :(

  3. Wow so much snow!! The omelette sounds delicious!


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