Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's that time again, documenting what I ate! My plan was to document everything I ate on Valentine's Day, but after breakfast, I forgot to take pictures. We did have a nice dinner, but for the rest of the day, I ate chocolate, cupcakes and cookies. It was just a bit out of control. We ended the day with chocolate covered strawberries, a valentines tradition for us, and I woke up feeling nauseous. Next year, we choose one dessert and don't spend our day baking, but this year we did have a great time. Olivia loves helping me bake in the kitchen and we enjoyed it! If only I could not eat what I bake :) 

Then I started taking pictures of what I ate yesterday, and again forgot to document my dinner. Mike and I went out for dinner last night and I completely forgot to snap a pic before I ate and remembered once I got home. So instead of a Valentine's Day edition or a Tuesday edition, it is a bit random! 


I found this cute idea on Pinterest for heart shaped cinnamon rolls. We LOVE cinnamon rolls in this house. It is a holiday tradition. I have made them in a shape of tree on Christmas morning and when I saw the heart shaped ones, I knew right away that's what I would be making on Valentine's day. 

When I put them in the pan, I looked at mine compared to the picture on Pinterest and I thought I was having my first Pinterest fail! Mine look nothing like the picture!!

But I frosted mine with Pink icing and red sprinkles and in the end, they looked a little like hearts, at least compared to the round ones I made! 


For lunch, I bought some great wraps, they are only 60 calories and really yummy! I decided at the grocery store that I was getting sick of turkey, so I went with ham instead and I have been loving having it in a wrap with a little lite mayo, lettuce, and tomato. I am actually looking forward to lunch!


Well, dinners! Valentine's dinner we started with French onion soup with the kids while they ate dinner. Then after they went to bed, we had Mushroom, truffle ravioli's with a mushroom medley on top! It was all from Trader Joe's and already cooked so it was all just heated up quick. Nothing fancy for us! In the end, we didn't love the dinner and I sort of wish we had done take out thai food!

Last night we went to a neighborhood restaurant for date night. We ordered famous "dirt wings" as an appetizer and I had 3. They are so good, not good for you as they are fried of course, but we love them and can't resist when we go there! 

Then I had my favorite meal, Haddock Casco bay. It is a baked haddock, with a crumb topping and a  white wine sauce with mushrooms and shrimp. Rice pilaf and a salad on the side! I really wish I had taken a picture! It is such a good meal! I rotate between two meals at this particular restaurant, so it won't be too long before I have it again. I will remember to take a picture next time! 

For next week, maybe I will do a whole post on dinners! Get myself into the habit of taking dinner pictures! Here are some pictures of random dinners from my older pics! 

Today we are off to Seacoast fun park for some wild snow tubing and I could not be more excited! We are going to have a blast! Hope you all have a great Wednesday! 

Today, as always, I am linking up with Jenn for WIAW! 

See you back here on Friday for How the Jeans Fit Friday!


  1. Your cinnamon rolls looked perfect and I'm sure your family appreciated it! Have fun snow tubing!

  2. Ugh! Im such a fan of cinnamon rolls and your lunch looks terrific :)


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