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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I found this great new Link up when I popped over to visit Becky at Choose Happy! Today I will be posting what I am "currently" up to! 

Currently I'm...

Enjoying... Daylight savings time and the later sunset! I can feel a lift in my mood, just because when we head to, and leave our evening activities it is still light out. It is hard and tiring to manage your evening when it is dark by 4-5pm. Anyone else feel the need to be in pajamas at 4pm when it is dark out?? 
This was the sunset on our way home tonight at 7pm!!

Loving watching and listening to Olivia use her imagination! This is happening in her room right now....

Thinking about... sleeping....this guy didn't even make it to bed tonight :)

Eating...or thinking about eating my snack! I bought these delicious looking things at the grocery store and I can't wait to try them! There are some definite perks to being on Weight Watchers and so far I have been really happy! 

Wishing for... my Old Navy order to finally arrive! I placed a big order last week after I wrote my Where's the Love post. I ordered a few different sizes of some things so that I could try them on at home with some of the clothes I currently have in my closet and with different shoes. I figured it would feel like less pressure if I could do it at home. Plus, I don't have a ton of time to shop by myself and I won't have to rush! I thought outside of my box and chose things that I think will flatter my figure, as opposed to something I would normally buy, like this blazer, which I hope I love! 

Disliking...The forecast. The weather has been great this week and I am loving it, but there is "plow-able" snow in the forecast. I am so ready for spring!

Making...A blog plan! If you read on Monday, you know that I have decided to do Weight Watchers, this is going to change up some of my content and my schedule and I am trying to figure that all out! I am thinking Menu Plan Monday, WIAW (with a new WW recipe each week?) Friday Favorites and Weigh in/Check in. My blog planner shipped which I am super excited about, perfect timing for tracking my new plan! Stayed tuned for the final decision! 

Find it on Plum Paper

Watching...Modern Family. Love this show! 

Thankful for...Lean Cuisine for having delicious meals I can eat in a pinch and to Weight Watchers for allowing me to eat them :) I ate this one with a side salad tonight! 

That's it for now! Be back on Friday with some of my favorites! 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I've been loving day light savings time too. I am usually an awful sleeper, but since Sunday I feel like I've been sleeping so much better. It may have nothing to do with DLS, but I think to think it has haha.

  2. That gymnastics tournament looks pretty intense! I can't wait for my daughter to get into that stage.

  3. YAY for later sunsets! We are loving it!
    Cute photos of your kids!
    Good luck on Weight Watchers!
    Thank you for joining my Currently series this week! I love hearing what you are up to!
    XO Becky with Choose Happy


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