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Friday, March 6, 2015

I am not getting on the scale today. If you read this post (and if you haven't, you should!) you will know that I am trying to be kind to myself and love myself. Girl scout cookies came in and I have been enjoying them, so I am giving my self a week off the scale. I am not going to beat myself up about possible weight gain because of those darn cookies.

Those sweet delicious cookies bring me right into my first favorite!
  Since I am not weighing in, I have to do a favorites post
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#1 Caramel DeLites

These are my all time favorite girl scout cookie. Although, I do have some other favorites, such as Lemonades, Thanks a Lots and Peanut butter patties. The Caramel DeLites are just the perfect kind of delicious! It is so convenient that I have a Girl Scout right in my home.
Here is a picture of my favorite little girl scout...

#2 Jamberry

I had a Jamberry party a few weeks ago and ever since, I have been obsessed! They are just so much fun. They are easy to put on, last longer than polish and are way, way cuter than anything I can do with my nails on my own! Check out the accent nails I did last week! I have had to redo the polish but I am still wearing the original accent nails.
Also notice, one of my favorite shows on in the background! 

#3 Friends

Friends old and new are making the list this week. I can not explain the love I feel from my friends. The ones that I sit and talk to on a regular basis and even the ones I only catch up with online. After my post on Wednesday, I have had words of encouragement, offers to go shopping, kind uplifting words and an offer of inspiration and help. I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you! You all know who you are! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. Had to run away from Girl Scouts multiple times this week,which is a struggle when carrying grocery bags and a infant. No scale for me this week regardless though!

  2. Love your nail polish color, have a great weekend :)


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