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Friday, March 27, 2015

It is Friday! Hallelujah! 

It has been a long week, I am not going to lie. Between last week and this week, I have had two sick kiddos who were up not feeling well in the night. I have been obsessed with Downton Abbey and doing quite a bit of binge watching on Amazon and of course the running list of stuff to do, I am tired! I actually sat down in the comfy chair on Monday afternoon and next thing I knew, I was asleep. I NEVER take a nap during the day, never mind just pass out in a chair!! Not that I have anything against naps, I just normally can't get myself to sleep during the day. I think my body, might be telling me something!! So while I am thinking about relaxation, my favorites will revolve around this theme! 

Right now I am patiently (or not) for the weather to get nicer! I can't wait to be able to sit outside and relax and watch the kids play and use their imaginations. They are sick of being inside and so am I! We had two days this week where it was warm and the snow was melting, but I really can't wait to be doing some of my favorite things like....

Flying kites

Playing at the playground

Roasting Marshmallows
Cookin' up lobsters!
But for now we have to settle for a few nice days, melting snow and whole lotta mud! Owen doesn't mind, playing in the mud is his favorite thing right now! 

I got confirmation this week, that my girlfriend and I are good to go to a scrapbook weekend in April! Talk about relaxation!! We head up on Friday, check into the hotel, lay out our scrapbook stuff, walk to our meals, scrapbook, read, talk, drink, swim and have girly fun for an entire weekend! I can not wait! We will be missing some of our sidekicks this time, but I know we are going to have a blast! Here is a picture from one of our other trips! 

The lighting isn't great, but these are some of my very favorite ladies! 

My absolute favorite time of the year is summer and the biggest reason, is the beach! I can't wait to sink my feet into the sand a few days a week and watch the kiddos play and swim to their hearts content and look at the beautiful water views! Here are some of my favorite pictures from last summer!


This last picture cracks me up! When I was looking for beach pictures from last summer I found this one. We sent this to Mike "pretending" that we were in trouble and falling off the rocks in to the water! Yes, we are crazy! We were standing on some rocks below and no he didn't believe it at all! He is so smart ;)

That's it! I am dreaming of sleep, sun and relaxing, what about you?? 

Linking up with Andrea and Erika today! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I'm headed out the door with my girlfriends this weekend, too! It's so good to get away! You will have so much fun! Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow !!

    1. Thanks, Laura, I think it will be a great weigh in! Have so much fun this weekend!

  2. I just got back from a girls weekend 2 weeks ago. I came back feeling so refreshed. Yours sounds super relaxing so I hope you really enjoy it!

    1. Thanks, Cat! We certainly need these weekends to recharge right??! Have a great weekend!

  3. Your beach pictures look so fun! We're heading to the beach (Florida) in just a few weeks. I can't wait to get my toes into the sand!

  4. Love your beach pics, makes me long for summer big time!! Have a great girls weekend and get a lot of scrapbooking done!

  5. Love you beach pictures! Made me forget for a second that it was snowing here today.

  6. What a great post! Loved hearing your favorites-- Seri from


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