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Monday, March 16, 2015

You probably won't hear from me much this week as I prepare for some fun posts for the next couple of weeks! But I couldn't leave you all in suspense for too long on how my first week of Weight Watchers went! I am still trying to decide what day I will post my progress since now I am weighing in on Saturdays, but for this week, I will let you all know that I lost 8.1 pounds in my first week...WOW!
Note, my weight was much higher with clothes on at WW
than it has been at home, so my starting weight is higher. 

I knew my loss would be inflated for a few reasons. I weighed in wearing jeans the first week because both of my yoga pants were dirty. Every other weigh in, you can be sure I will be wearing yoga pants, clean or not! Also, the Friday before that initial weigh in, I ate like I would never eat again (who is with me on this feeling before a diet??), so I am sure that contributed to my weight that first day. BUT, even if you take those things into consideration, I think it would be fair to say that I lost at least 4-5 pounds from following the plan!

What do I think of the plan so far??

I love it! It doesn't hurt that I lost 8.1 pounds in the first week, how is that for motivation?? I can honestly say though, that I didn't feel like I was on a diet at all last week. There were some things that I noticed, that I will talk about another day, that are important in my journey, but for the most part I ate what I wanted and still lost!!

I am so thankful to my friend for asking me again if I was interested in trying Weight Watchers. It is much different from the last time I did it, and so much easier! Mike is gloating a little because he had been telling me that I should do it again and I wasn't listening. Now that I am loving it, he has made it a point to remind me a few times, that he had been telling me for the last year to do it :) But, I wasn't ready. Now I am!

What does my new plan mean for the blog??

I have decided to incorporate a post where I try a new Weight Watchers recipe each week, I will share the recipe and how it worked for our family! I have started my list already and I am really excited about it. On my list is a low points dinner recipe and a kid friendly dinner recipe. A dessert recipe that includes one of my favorite ingredients. Lastly, I have a couple of recipes for me to try on Friday nights while the rest of the family eats pizza, that hopefully won't make me wish I was also eating pizza!! I think I will put these new recipe posts in with my WIAW posts?? That way you can get a glimpse into a day on WW as well!

I haven't decided if I am going to meal plan each week. I am going back and forth between putting up the traditional meal planning post that I have been doing with added points plus values, or occasionally putting up a "day," like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks totaling 29 points (my current points allowance)?? Do you have any suggestions or preferences in this area??

I of course, will post my progress. I can't post a pic of the scale anymore because I don't see the scale at WW, and I will be going by that weight from now on. So, I am trying to decide how I will do it and when I will do it!

Then, of course, I want to continue with my fun posts, Friday Favorites, Monthly goals, Book reviews, Currently posts, party planning (we are starting to think birthdays in this house!) and I would like to throw in a bit of fashion. I am no fashionista, but I am going to try to make myself look more presentable and I want to share how I am doing that! I got my Old Navy order this weekend and was definitely able to put together some great outfits, that I feel confident in! This will also give you a chance to see me as I lose! Stay tuned for that next week!

I would love to get some suggestions as well! What would you like to see? Let me hear it :) 


  1. Congrats on your loss! That is a great accomplishment!

  2. Congrats! I was successful on WW many moons ago and even worked there for a time. I have been contemplating going back (I've regained all the weight I lost), but have been scared. I can't say why, maybe the fear of failing? Thanks for sharing and making it seem very doable.

  3. That's amazing!!

    I look forward to your recipes.

  4. That is wonderful about your weight loss! WTG Sandy! Keep it up!

  5. I know alot of people who swear by Weight Watchers. Whatever works, right? Looking forward to your updates and your new types of posts on your blog.

  6. Congratulations, Sandy!! I'm a new follower to your blog and I'm looking forward to the new plan! Those recipes sound awesome! :)


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