WW Weigh In #2

Monday, March 23, 2015

So, not the dramatic weight loss from last week, but a loss none-the-less! Down 0.4 pounds from last week! This was a great week, but here are my thoughts about why I didn't see a more significant weight loss.

  • I ate out twice last week, lunch one day and dinner one night (just 2 nights before weigh in) although I try to make good choices, I am only able to estimate the amount of points meals out are. 
  • Because of my eating out and a few other extra things this week, I used all of my extra points. I know that it is OK to use them, but I used them all and was unsure of some of the eating out points, so I could have actually gone over them. The week before I had 16 points left and I think I will try to keep at least 10 points left on weeks that I eat out, just to be sure. 
  • I ate a big dinner and had a drink the night before weigh in. Probably not the best choice, but we had my parents over for dinner and had fun, so I can't be upset about it! 
Luckily, this week is pretty mellow. I don't have a lot of extra stuff happening, so I am hoping for at least a pound weight loss at the next weigh in! I am still feeling great about the diet. For a little bit after the scale I was feeling disappointed about how little I lost. Because I had stayed within all my points, I thought I would have a little more of a loss than that, of course. But after going to the meeting, which I find so helpful and uplifting, on the drive home, I thought about the above things and realized that I probably wasn't as "perfect" this week as I had thought. But you know what? it is a loss and I am not beating myself up about it! I am staying positive and that is a big deal for me! And a total of 8.5 pounds down in two weeks is not too shabby! 

Stay tuned this week for a delicious recipe and some Friday Favorites! I will be quiet other than that this week as I am getting ready for a great April! I got my new blog planner and it is great! Remember I showed you these pictures of the planner pages? 

Well it's better than I imagined! Yesterday I was working on my April and May plan and I loved the set up of the pages and I love having it out of my family calendar! I think this will be huge in getting ahead in my blogging if I know what I plan to blog for the whole month! I think April is going to be great! I am excited for what is to come in my journey and in my little corner of the internet! I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! 


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