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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Linking up with Andrea today to share my favorite vacation! 

Our Honeymoon

We aren't huge travelers. For the most part we stay pretty local. We have been to a whole bunch of different vacation spots in New England. As a couple or with the kids, we have done something fun in every state in New England, but we have yet to go anywhere, not within driving distance, since our honeymoon. Our honeymoon location was absolutely amazing and we talk all the time about going back someday! 

For our honeymoon, we took a cruise to Bermuda. We left out of Boston, so we took a limo from Portland to Boston in the morning after our wedding and hopped on the cruise boat, no flying required! We were on the boat for 1 1/2 days, 3 1/2 days in Bermuda and 1 1/2 days back to Boston. Our only complaint was that we didn't have more time in Bermuda because we could have spent the whole week in that amazing location!

Cruise ships are amazing! We went to see shows, ate amazing food, and relaxed. It was great!

The wonderful thing about Bermuda is that the whole island is safe to explore, so when you get off the boat you can go anywhere. It is beautiful. We spent time each day on the beach and did some snorkeling. The beaches are beautiful, like nothing we have seen here in New England. Warm, pink sand beaches!

We took the bus to the Bermuda Aquarium and spent some time there. It was fun, the bus ride was an experience in itself!

We went to  Crystal Caves, which was probably the most amazing thing I have seen to date! The pictures do not do it justice!

We took an evening glass bottom boat ride, which I did not have a picture of, but this was our ship at night!

We did some site seeing around the island near the boat dock. There was a beautiful old church, a school house and many more amazing sites.

There were also some shops near the dock and one was all glass blown objects. I could have brought home the whole store. I debated and debated whether to buy something and was concerned that I wouldn't get it home in one piece, so I didn't get anything. To this day, I still regret it :( Next time, a few things will definitely come home with me! 

Here are a few more pictures from our trip.

Picture from the boat

Welcoming our boat!

Our first day heading to the beach!

View from the boat as we were leaving

When we go back, I want to go to Hamilton and swim with the Dolphins. That is the one thing I would have liked to do, but we felt like we didn't have time for it. 

My plan is to go back there at least twice in my lifetime. I would like to go again, just Mike and I for an anniversary present and I want to bring the kids someday as well. Because we aren't super adventurous it might be our go to, out of the country, vacation spot for our whole life! 

Thanks for stopping by today to see a glimpse of our favorite vacation! You can read about our trip to NYC and our week at camp from last year and see how our vacations have changed since having kids! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Join me tomorrow for WIAW! It has been a long time since I have done one of these, but I am going to show you a typical Weight Watchers, 28 point day for me!

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  1. I would love to go to Bermuda one day! xo


  2. This looks like a great trip! We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon...we too would love to go back some day. :)

  3. We've been on the fence about taking a cruise, because we get bored staying in the same place (stuck in a boat), but I know there's tons to do - and you actually get to relax, for once! We usually pack so much into vacation we get home ready for another one. haha We're looking into taking one to Alaska next. haha

  4. What a fun trip! And no flying involved - bonus! :) The caves look amazing! Thank you for sharing your trip!

  5. Looks like a great time. Very beautiful pictures! I hope someday we will be able to go

  6. We did a cruise for our honeymoon too and LOVED it. They're the best!

  7. We're actually going to Bermuda later this month so this was great to read!!

  8. Love your photos. Glad that you had fun on your cruise.

  9. This looks amazing! I would just love to do something like this one day.

  10. What a cool vacation! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Sarah (co-host for Tuesday Talk)


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