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Monday, April 27, 2015

Well, as I said last week, I knew I would gain this week. It was the nature of the week. I was away without the kids for the first weekend of vacation and away with the kids during vacation and I didn't track at all. I just let myself and eat and drink what I wanted. Let's get right to the scale...

My goal going into this week was to maintain or gain 2 pounds or less. I obviously went a bit over that, but I am confident that next week I will take it all off and hopefully a few extra ounces at least! When I look at the total weight loss so far (13.1 pounds) in 7 weeks, it still averages right around 2 pounds per week!

Fitness challenge with The Bohemian Housewife

How did I do with exercise this week this week? Well, it was also a little bit of a flop, I am not going to lie. Here was my plan and how it worked out....

Monday: Family walk after dinner - Rain, I was planning the treadmill but, didn't happen
Tuesday: Swimming or fitness center - 1.5 hours of swimming, lots of treading water!
Wednesday: Swimming or fitness center - 3 + hours of swimming
Thursday: Swimming and family walk after dinner - None
Friday: Piyo, T25 or walk - None
Saturday: Piyo, T25 or walk - None 
Sunday: Piyo, T25 or walk *optional if needed - It was needed! Walk 30 minutes

So now it is all work and no play this week! I really want to take off at least what I gained. That is just what I will need to keep up the motivation and momentum!

You can't have a great week without some planning....

Exercise Plan

Monday - T25 or Piyo
Tuesday - Walk 50 minutes
Wednesday - T25 or Piyo
Thursday - Family Walk after Dinner
Friday - T25, Piyo or Walk 
Saturday - T25, Piyo or Walk
Sunday - Family Walk after Dinner

Has anyone done T25, Piyo or both? Which do you think is better for weight loss? 

Linking up my meal plan with the Laura's and Jill!

I hope everyone has a great week! Come on back tomorrow for my Books and Blogger Swap Reveal! Can't wait to share what I received in my package! 


  1. You did really awesome, I so need to get back on track!

  2. I haven't done either, but I'm starting half marathon training so I might just do yoga on my off days. I'm glad the wait gain isn't slowing you down :)


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