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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another week of Weight Watchers has passed. If you want to read about how well last week went, you can read about it on Weigh in Monday! This week, I used all my extra points on the weekend again, so I am staying within my points for the week (or trying to)!

My goal is 28 points per day this week, but Monday when I was documenting my day, it didn't so much work out. I didn't go over by a lot of points, but a couple, because I did what I said never to do and I ate before calculating the points of a recipe. I clearly need to take my own advice!! Now what did I eat??

Breakfast (7PP)

I was out of All Bran today so I had an English Muffin and I can never get enough Peanut butter so that is the perfect topping in my eyes! 7PP is a bit high, for me, at breakfast. I usually eat my breakfast crunch and it is only 5PP, so Tuesday I ate just half of the english muffin and added a banana for 5PP. It was a nice change, but I will likely go back to my crunchy breakfast next week! 

Lunch (9PP)

I had lunch at a friends house Monday and we put together some ham pita pockets. When I put the pocket in to my scanner for points, it was 4 points, so I used only half of it for 2 points because 4 seemed like a lot to me! I filled the pita pocket with ham, lettuce, mushroom and a little bit of Chipotle Ranch. I used the rest of the TBSP of ranch for my side of carrot sticks. Then for some more crunch I had some honey wheat pretzels! Love them! It was a very satisfying lunch and even more satisfying is the fact that we got to eat it outside! Spring has arrived in Maine...FINALLY!

Snacks (1PP)

I made a smoothie in the afternoon. Super low points and really good! If you like smoothies, come back tomorrow for the recipe! It is my Recipe of the Week, compliments of a friend!

Dinner (13PP)

Now here is where things went wrong! I made Sweet BBQ Chicken in the crock pot. This was leftover from my freezer cooking back in September. I made quinoa and broccoli for the side. In my head, I didn't think BBQ sauce was many points and I kind of forgot about the brown sugar in it. So I thought the chicken would be very low in points, so I had 6 oz of chicken (6PP) plus the sauce which I added a few extra tablespoons to the top of the chicken. Then after dinner I looked up the recipe and put it into recipe builder. The BBQ sauce was a lot more points than I anticipated and I didn't really have an accurate amount of how much I had used because some was just on the chicken. I put in what I thought plus a couple more points for good meausure and went over my points. 

So, I went over by 2 points, but it wasn't 2 points of chips and candy, so I am hoping that it won't affect me too much on the scale, Friday! Fingers crossed :) Have a great Wednesday, everyone! 

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  1. Yum what a good day of eats - I love pita as well!!

  2. yummy!!! I love sweet bbq chicken in crock pot...I think the only thing that beats it is bbq pulled pork in the crock pot!!

  3. oh yum! I keep saying that I need to look into WW but I haven't. You're such an inspiration.

  4. Sounds like you did well even if you went a couple of points over! Sometimes it's hard to know when sauces and stuff have a lot of calories!

  5. I always get in trouble with my condiments too and it's hard to judge know how many calories/points I'm taking in. I think you'll be fine!


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