May Goals

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Well, I know I promised a new recipe this week, but I forgot that it is the beginning of the month and we need to talk goals. Sorry! I promise there will be a new recipe up next week! I have some good ones lined up! 

Before we go on to May goals let's see how I did in April! 

1. Continue w/Weight Watchers ✔
2. Walk 3x per week ✔
3. Organize digital photos -still didn't do it...someday!
4. Spring clean at least 2 rooms - moving to next month
5. Continue working on self love ✔
6. Go to church at least once ✔
7. Read 2 books ✔

Not too bad! I am checking off the walking even though, I didn't always walk 3 times a week, but I did exercise at least 3 times a week this month, so I figure that counts! Those darn digital photos are going to follow me all year at this rate. The spring cleaning, excuse is, this is the first week I have been able to open my windows for a long period of time! I know, not much of an excuse, but I can't do a big cleaning without fresh air pouring in. I just can't! 

Now let's check out May Goals...

1. Continue with Weight Watchers and reach 20 pounds lost - I am so happy with the diet and the results so I am keeping it as one of my goals. This is the longest I have stuck to a diet in recent years and I am less than 5 pounds away from 20 pounds! I can't wait to be able to say I have lost 20 and that will put me firmly in the 180's which I haven't seen in a long time! 

2. Continue to do 6 PiYo workouts each week - I really like the PiYo workout, so I am going to make one of my goals to stick to the challenge. It shows 6 days/week of workouts but sometimes I may double up if that works for me. Instead of saying 6 days, I will say 6 workouts each week. 

3.  Family walks and bike rides in the evenings - I love the nights we have nothing going on and can make some time as a family. It is only 1-2 nights a week during the school year, but I would like to make a point of doing something active on those evenings. 

4. Organize Digital photos - do I even need to explain? I have explained this one the last 2 months. 

5. Spring Clean 2 rooms - Now that the windows are open I am scheduling it in! I am hoping to do the living room and kitchen this month!

6. Go to church at least once - Olivia and I went last month on Easter, this month I would like to make a point to go either a Saturday night or Sunday as a family. 

7. Read 2 books - Gotta keep up with my Goodreads goal! 

8. Keep everything together and in order and stay sane- the end of the school year and extra activities are coming to an end and we are busier than ever this month and the first part of June. If I can show up at everything I am supposed to and I haven't started drinking daily by June 19th, I will be in good shape! 

What are your goals this month? 

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Have a great Thursday! 


  1. Lovely family, good luck with your goals some of them are mine also

  2. Your goals are worth looking for. I'd share the 2 books goals. :)

  3. Get more organize, continue to improve on my workouts, spend more time outside, help at least ONE person each week get on their journey to get healthy -Frances

  4. No better way to attain your goals than by writing them down and start knocking them off. Awesome.

  5. I need to do this! I just bought a notebook yesterday to do something like this.

  6. Keep up the hard work! 20lbs is a huge deal. I'm a scrapbooker so that is what is always in the back of my mind....I want those pictures in books so badly!! Good luck with staying sane and not drinking! haha

  7. Nice work! I just set my goals for first set of goals that I've publicly published. Hopefully that will keep me motivated. I can usually hit 2 books per month; I hope I get some walks in each week in May. The weather has been rainy lately so it's been hard to get out.

  8. Great goals! And I am so there with you on the digital photos.

  9. Awesome goals! I'm really bad about making it to church as well. It is hard with two kids.


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