Murder Mystery Party

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One of my very favorite things to do, is plan a party! Mostly, I plan kids birthday parties now that I have two kiddos of my own and I so enjoy planning them. All of them. Some are small and some are a bit over the top (I will admit it), but I put a lot of time and effort into all of them.

When I was thinking about what party I wanted to highlight on Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea over at Momfessionals, I decided I couldn't decide on one of the kids birthday parties that was my favorite and decided to highlight a party that we adults did last year that was just so much fun!

Mike and I hosted a 
Murder Mystery Party! 

A Taste for Wine and Murder

This was a simple and fun party to put together and everyone had such a great time! I bought the game on Amazon. You can find this exact one here, but there are many different games to choose from. You can choose 6-8 players to come to the party. 

Each game comes with the following items...

Party Planner, Invitations, Books for each guest, Clues, Name tags and CD with instructions. 

The invitations go out by the host with party information and which part they will play

Inside it tells you a bit about the character and what you could wear to portray them. 

The host, then decorates a bit to go with the theme. For the Vineyard theme, I scooped up a few wine/grape placemats and a table runner from the Dollar Store. I bought a bunch of cool candle holders from Goodwill and some fresh flowers. Nothing over the top, but just a few things to put the themed touch on the party. 

I served heavy appetizers and of course wine! 

Each guest upon arrival received a name tag to wear, their booklet of information they needed and a small notebook with their name on it and a pen to write down any information they didn't want to forget when it came to making their final decision. 

You play multiple rounds of reading and questioning and you eat, drink and socialize in between. It was just so much fun! 

Here were our suspects...

Ralph Rottingrape

The Bad boy

Innocent Tiny Bubbles

The Old Man 

The Free Spirit

Marilyn Merlot the movie star

At the end you choose who you think was the murderer. I can't tell you here because it would ruin it if you wanted to play it.  This is a one time play game, so after we hosted, I passed along the game, my costume and some of the decor to a friend so she could have the party! 

There was more than one winner, but luckily, each player received a prize. The guys got a bag with a movie and candy in it. The girls bags had a candle and two nail polishes. Everyone went away with something fun so no one was a loser! 

Right now my friend and I are planning to host another one this summer, Murder by the Grill! We can not wait! It is just something a little different to do with your friends that gets you laughing and being silly! 

I did blog the last birthday parties for the kids and you can take a look, if you choose....

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Have a great Tuesday everyone! 


  1. that looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to go to one of these parties...glad you all had fun

  2. OMG when I saw the title the first thing I thought of was Big Bang Theory! This is so cute! Though I never thought to check if something like this actually exsisted, this is so awesome :)

  3. I would absolutely LOVE this!! Invite me! Invite me!!

    1. If only you lived a bit closer, I totally would :) We would have a blast, I know it!

  4. I have heard of these parties and they sound like so much fun!

  5. This sounds like so much fun!

  6. This sounds SO fun! I love planning parties too, and I've always wanted to go to a murder mystery party!

  7. Looks like such a fun time! Thanks for sharing at Tues Talk!

  8. FUUUN!! I really want to do this! I've never been to one or hosted one. This might have to happen this year... Thanks!

  9. I've always wanted to go to a Murder Mystery Party!!!!! FUN!

  10. I actually went to a Murder Mystery party before- so fun!

  11. Oh my gooosh! This is so fun!!!

  12. I know restaurants do murder mystery parties but I never thought about hosting one. It looks like you guys had a great time. What fun!

  13. What a wonderful party idea this is. Though I keep planning for parties regularly at home and outside as well but never thought of any idea like this. I am arranging my next party at Chicago event space and for that I think your ideas can help me.


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