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Monday, May 4, 2015

You guys, I am pretty proud of myself this week! It was a tough week and I powered through it! I exercised more this week than I have in a long time (and boy can my body feel it!) and the result was some weight loss, let's take a look!

For about 2 minutes after my weigh in I was a little disappointed that I didn't lose the whole 2.6 pounds I gained during vacation week, but then I thought positively about the week. I was craving chocolate, sweets and salt like nobody's business and I still lost 2 pounds, and that is an accomplishment in itself. Last month during this same week, I gained, so I should be hugely proud of my loss instead of disappointed. I made good choices, but I still lived life and that is the most important thing I have to learn! 

My goal is 2 pounds again this week, or even better 2.1 pounds. I can't wait to see a 18 instead of a 19! I am so close to saying goodbye to the one, nines forever! 

Not only did I stay away from a lot of my cravings this week, but I also got in exercise! This fitness challenge with The Bohemian Housewife has really worked to keep exercise on my brain! A friend also challenged me to start PiYo with her, so we started on the same day and have kept each other accountable! So let's take a look at the plan and see how I did! 

       Plan        -        How did I do? 

Monday - T25 or Piyo - T25 Speed 1.0
Tuesday - Walk 50 minutes - PiYo lower body
Wednesday - T25 or Piyo - PiYo upper body 
Thursday - Family Walk after Dinner - none
Friday - T25, Piyo or Walk - none
Saturday - T25, Piyo or Walk - PiYo Sweat
Sunday - Family Walk after Dinner - 30 minute walk and PiYo lower and upper body

Wow! Is anyone else as impressed as I am, by how much I exercised this week?? Kidding, I realize it isn't an extreme amount, but for me, it is huge! 

Thursday I didn't feel great, either allergies or a cold, not sure which but I was tired and I decided I would use my Friday rest day on Thursday instead. Then Friday came around and it was busy and the workout never happened. On Saturday, I did Thursdays workout, so yesterday I doubled up Saturday and Sundays workout to catch up on all the PiYo workouts for the week. Plus, I walked with my sister in law while the big kids were in Sunday school. My body is sore, but it feels great! 

What is my plan this week? 

Monday - PiYo Sweat
Tuesday - PiYo Lower Body and a family walk
Wednesday - PiYo Core 
Thursday - PiYo Upper Body and a family walk
Friday - Rest or Walk
Saturday - PiYo Sweat
Sunday PiYo Core

My plan is to keep up with the PiYo workouts this week, as my friend and I have challenged each other to the 8 week PiYo schedule, but I also want to get outside and walk. It is going to reach 70 degrees this week and I can't wait to enjoy it! 

Now you know my exercise plan, what am I eating this week??

Linking up my meal plan with the Laura's and Jill!

That's all for today! Come back tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday! 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Wow Sandy, Keep it up! How do you keep motivated? I get started, go good for a few weeks then burn out on the exercise

    1. I think having someone else to keep you accountable is big for me! Doing the fitness challenge and knowing I have to post how I did, plus having my friend doing it with me, is huge. Previously, I was the same way with exercise. I bought PiYo a long time ago and the most I ever got through consistently was 1 week!

  2. Congrats on the loss! I am always craving sweets!

  3. Great job Sandy! I would love your spaghetti squash recipe and the corresponding ww points if you have it! I just started back on ww and have been trying to think of creative dinners that aren't too high in points. -Seanna

    1. Yes, I will figure them out tonight and let you know how it came out! I found the recipe on Facebook and pinned it to my Weight Watchers board on Pinterest!

  4. Awesome, Sista! Keep it up!!

  5. Congrats!!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. You are doing GREAT!!! So proud of you.

  7. Way to go! Keep up the good work. I'm trying to get back on the wagon myself.

    1. It is not easy, it has been a long road for me. Good luck getting back on, you can do it! Thanks for stopping by!


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