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Monday, May 11, 2015

WEEK 9! 

I can't believe that it has been 9 weeks, I can't believe that I have stuck to the plan for nine weeks and I can't believe how close I am to the 180's! check out how I did this week! 

Down 1.1 pounds. I really was hoping for 2.1 pounds so that I could have seen 180 this week, but I know I will see it next week! Just one pound to go and one pound is my goal this week. I am not making my goal high because I am not going to lie, I went a bit overboard this weekend in the food department. I didn't exercise and I didn't drink enough water. I am going to have to kick into gear today and get back on track to see even a pound this week! 

My excuse for eating a little too much and not exercising? Well, typical excuses like we were super busy this weekend, we were out of food in the house so we ate out a bunch and well, it was Mother's Day, do I need any other excuse? 

While my eating was good prior to the weekend, my exercise, not so much. I fell off the wagon and I am kind of bummed out about it. I was right on track last week and did so good, but this week, it wasn't a priority. This is week 5 of The Bohemian Housewife fitness challenge and it was a bust. Let's see how I did. 
          Plan     -        How did I do?         

Monday - PiYo Sweat - none
Tuesday - PiYo Lower Body and a family walk - none
Wednesday - PiYo Core  - PiYo core
Thursday - PiYo Upper Body and a family walk - Piyo Lower Body
Friday - Rest or Walk - none
Saturday - PiYo Sweat - none
Sunday PiYo Core - none 

I only worked out twice all week. Monday and Tuesday were non-stop and the weekend was the same. There are days that it works out for me in the afternoon, but some days there is not time and when I know that is going to happen, I really need to do it in the morning before the day starts. Have I mentioned before that I am not a morning person? This week, I am looking at the calendar ahead of time and planning out when the workout can happen. I am also going to do last weeks PiYo schedule since I didn't really do it. I don't want to move ahead until I have completed the week. So here is the plan! 

Monday - PiYo Sweat
Tuesday - PiYo Lower Body 
Wednesday - PiYo Core 
Thursday - PiYo Upper Body
Friday - Rest
Saturday - PiYo Sweat
Sunday PiYo Core

So that is the plan, now I am off to meal plan and grocery shop! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Next week, I will be posting updated pictures to show my progress...it's time to see how the jeans fit!  

Happy Monday! 


  1. I'm not doing very well in the exercise department right now, either. Seems like ever since we've gotten back from Hawaii, I'm lacking motivation. I think it's suppose to rain nearly all week here, so getting outside and resuming my 3 miles a day may or may not happen this week. But I WILL get back in a routine! Soon!!

  2. Hey! You tried! haha It's tough for moms to make the time.

  3. Congrats on your progress so far! And you don't have to worry about this past weekend, calories don't count on holidays or birthdays. ;)


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