Weigh in Monday, but Not a Weigh In....

Monday, June 29, 2015

So another week went by, but I didn't go to weigh in and let me tell you, I feel like it was a good thing. I think it might have made me super sad to see a gain and a gain is what it would be. Here are 3 things that I learned when I fell off the wagon this week....

1) After 12 weeks on Weight Watchers, I don't even feel good after eating terrible for a week. 

I mean, I will spare you the TMI, but by Friday, my body was hating me. It was the first week of school vacation. I ate ice cream multiple times, I went out to dinner/lunch 4 times this week and it was Mike's birthday which means I ate cake, and had a few drinks a few times this week. By Friday I went to bed knowing I was going to start eating better and tracking everything I eat again.

2) Starting my day with a morning walk, makes my whole day more productive. 

When I get up early in the morning, work on my blog for a bit to wake up and then head out for a morning walk, it makes my entire day more productive. Last week, some days due to weather and some days due to laziness, I did not get up early and I did not walk. This means, I didn't exercise and I didn't get enough time to blog. While it was nice to sleep (even the kids slept in, we are officially on our summer schedule!) it is time to get back on track or I will get nothing done this summer!

3) I need to follow my own rules every week, or I will not be successful. 

I just posted my, 5 Small Things to Help Your Weight Loss Efforts, but then I totally disregarded my list this past week. Today, I am back at it. I cleaned out the fridge, I made a meal plan, I have lots of cut up fruit, and I am making Yogurt Cupcakes, instead of regular cupcakes for my Dad's birthday! I have a plan this week and I am sticking to it! 

I have not posted a meal plan in a while, so I figured what better way to stay accountable than to post it for you all! 

I was in the mood for inspiration this week and decided to head over to Shay's blog, Mix and Match Mama and find some yummy things to make this week and, boy did I! I will refer to her blog as MMM because I am using so many of her recipes this week and my hands will get tired if I don't shorten it up ;)

Breakfast options
1) My Bacon Guacamole Egg Sandwich, but without the bacon and cheese to save the points (5PP+)
2) My Crunchy Breakfast (5PP+)

Lunch options

1) MMM, Avocado Shrimp Salad (9PP+)
3) Ham, Light Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese and lettuce on a sandwich thin with a side of veggies and chips (9PP+)

Dinner options

1) MMM, Sweet and Sour Grilled Chicken Tacos served with cut up fruit and veggies (8PP+)
2) MMM, Pizza Burgers  (7PP+ for the burger) served on a roll with a side Caprese salad and grilled veggies
3) MMM, Quick Chicken Stir Fry  served with 1/2 cup brown rice (8PP+ I modified the recipe a bit, I cut the chicken down to 1 pound and the sesame seeds to 2 TBSP, to get it to 8 points, otherwise it would be 10PP+)
4) Baked Chicken Parmesan and Pasta (13PP+) served with a side salad 
5) Grilled Pizza - we made these this weekend with Flatout Artisan Thin Pizza crust and they averaged about 6-8PP+ per full pizza depending on toppings. So, so good! I will definitely be posting some of our combos! 

I only planned 5 meals because one night I am going out to dinner with a friend and I couldn't decide on next Sunday yet! 

What are you all eating this week? I would love to get some new ideas! It has been a while, but today I am linking up with Mommy Run Fast and I'm an Organizing Junkie!

Tomorrow, I am posting a new cupcake recipe...

You don't want to miss this refreshing summer cupcake! 

Happy Monday! 


  1. I love weigh watchers! I feel so much better when I eat healthy!!

    1. It is great! I love the way I feel when I am eating good! Falling off really shows me that!

  2. Yum! Those meals sound tasty; I may need to pin some of them. I so hear you on eating bad and then feeling like crap. It's like a downward spiral. The beauty of Weight Watchers is that you can just start getting on track with the next meal. (so much easier said than done, i know!)

    1. Yes, I am loving Weight Watchers, I don't know what happened last week, but I am back on track now!

  3. I too fell off this weekend. My husband had the weekend off, he only gets one a month, so we didn't really eat as healthy as I would of liked and usually do! And I felt guilty after doing so and TMI but was in the bathroom a lot!!

  4. Everyone can relate to completely falling off the healthy eating wagon- thanks for your honesty and sharing your journey!


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