Weigh in Monday...on Tuesday Again!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am a little late in posting my weigh in results this week. Last week and this weekend was too crazy and Sunday I literally could not function. The exhaustion was real and I gave in! Now, things are slowing down and I have two weeks before I have both kiddos home full time with me. There are a lot of things on my To Do list to tackle before that happens and we go full swing into summer.

Any how, I know you all want to know how I did. If you forgot, last time I weighed in was two weeks ago and I gained, 1.8 pounds. It was my first really disappointing weigh in, you can read about it here. This week, the scale went down! Not a lot, but down and that's all that matters :)

I, of course, would have loved to have seen myself lose everything I had put on at the last weigh in, but honestly, there were many reasons I was super happy with that loss....

  1. During the two weeks, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and at out all three meals.
  2. We traveled and ate out a lot over a 3 day period
  3. When we came back from traveling, I kicked into gear and upped my game and I no kidding had to say no to cake or cupcakes... 3 TIMES last week, and pizza 3 TIMES. We did tons of celebrating last week and yes, I said no to things I loved day after day and it killed me. I knew that I had gone overboard for the weekend and if I wanted to see a loss and not a gain, I had to be strict, and I did it! So, I know the loss wasn't huge, but had I given in to all those things, I bet I would have seen a pretty significant gain. It paid off!

Because I want to see the other pound come off again and get back to the 180's, this weekend I tracked and made sure to stay within my 49 extra points. My fingers are crossed to see the 180's this coming Saturday!

A blogger friend of mine, Laura at The Horton Family was talking the other day about how she walks 3 miles every morning and I thought that would really work for me. I don't like to do the work out videos in the early morning because I don't want to wake the kids, but if I could get out of the house and walk, especially since it is nice weather in Maine right now, that is totally what I should do! I really enjoy walking so it won't be as much of a struggle to get myself to do it.

Normally I am looking for what will work for me in the long term, and walking in the morning would not work come winter because I am a cold wimp and you wouldn't get me out there on a cold morning, but for today, I am thinking about the Here and Now and this would work for the next few months, so that is my plan!

I am hoping that this kicks my weight loss efforts up a notch with some increased activity! Now if I can just get a little more sleep so that I wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!! 


  1. Congrats on the loss and thank you for the shout out! My only suggestion would be don't start out with walking 3. Miles a day. I certainly had to build up to it. When I did WW YEARS ago, they encouraged 20 minutes of activity. I would start out with 20-30 minutes of walking a day and build your self up in distance. The important thing is that you are MOVING!! Oh, and what I wouldn't give to have your weather to walk in!!! You can do this!!!

  2. Any loss is good loss! I'm going to get back on the Weight Watchers Band Wagon this week! I need to get my health under control.


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