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Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Friday Favorites day and I am excited!

Why am I so excited you ask?? Well, It is Friday. It is my birthday. I am spending my birthday with one of my favorite cousins. Tomorrow we go see Taylor Swift with our girls!! I am not sure that this Friday could get any better??!!!

Well actually, it can for you all!! I am super excited today to show you my new planner. I have used this planner for the last 2 years and it is one of my favorite things! This month, I started my new one and I knew I wanted to show you all how great it is, so I reached out to Plum Paper to ask if they would be willing to provide me with a discount for my readers and you know what??? They said YES!

I am going to show you how awesome it is, and then if you want to order it for yourself, you can save 10%, Thank you, PLUM PAPER!

I don't know about you, but I need to write things down to remember them. I also much prefer to have my calendar on paper rather than on my phone. I don't know why, my husband thinks I live in the stone age, but that is how I operate!

I tried to go digital at one point a few years back and it didn't work for me, around that time I started following a lot of different blogs and a lot of bloggers used the Erin Condren planner that most people have heard of. I thought that would be perfect for me, but I shopped around a bit before deciding, and found Plum Paper on Etsy. I am so glad I did.

I love, love this planner. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The size - small enough it isn't overwhelming and fits in my purse when I take it with me, but big enough that it has plenty of room for everything I need to write down! 

2. Customization - There is tons of customizations that you can make to the book, it doesn't have to be just a calendar, it can be your life, which is how I use it! 

Let's take a look! 

This is my new cover. There are so many choices it is hard to pick! The absolute only negative about the planner is that it comes with a clear frost plastic cover over the picture cover so it does make the the colors a little more dull than without the frost cover, but it does provide a ton of protection, so you wouldn't want to be without it either. Here is a picture without the frost cover...

You can see the pictures a little clearer and the design is a little brighter without the cover. 


You get a monthly page spread 

This is where I write everything down as it comes in. Appointments, dates, things going on, birthdays, etc. This is summer so things are pretty calm, especially towards the end of the month! 

This is what it looks like during the school year! 

After the monthly spread you get the weekly spread. On Sunday or Monday, I sit down and write in everything we need to do that week and add all my notes! 

Here is where the customization is amazing! Each horizontal column is customized by you. 

For me, I do the columns as follows:


Last year I did the kids together, but this year with Owen going to Kindergarten, they will have different activities so I decided to separate them. Under home, I write lists of the things I need to do at home that particular day, errands are the things I need to do outside the home. Workout is either my plan or I can keep track of what I do, and Dinner is my meal plan. My life all in one book! 

A page from last years calendar
What are the chances I actually did the treadmill at 5am that week?
Slim to None probably! 

At the beginning and end of each month there is a note sheet.  

I use the beginning sheet to write down my goals for the month and the end sheets to write down lots of other things! I love this because I don't have tons of notes lying around, everything is in this book. Everything! The other bonus is you can add additional note pages as well for a small cost. 

Lists! I make a ton of them! I added TO DO List pages to my book. 

There are small TO DO lists on each weekly spread, but these additional pages you can purchase, are great because you can make big generalized lists, rather than just what you need to do in that week. I used this for the kids birthday party, things I need to get done before the end of the summer. I am even using it for what the kids need for back to school. They each have their own list! I LOVE this new addition, I definitely recommend it. You can add the pages to the end of each month or just a whole bunch at the end of the book. I added 2 pages to the end of each month for a total of 16 TO DO lists each month. 

 The monthly dividers are strong and were still in great condition after 18 months! You do not have to get just a 12 month calendar, you can add up to 6 additional months which is what I did the first time I ordered. I wanted to have the whole next school year in it when I ordered in January. Now I am on the right schedule and will get a new one each July! 

In the back there is a double sided pocket folder. 

This year I did a 12 month family planner, with 1 - extra note page and 2- TO DO list pages added on to each month and it is perfect! It isn't getting as much use in the summer, but come September you will hardly see white space! 

I also have one of their notebooks. I bought the blog planner addition and use this pretty purple notebook for all my blog stuff. You can check that out here

Blog planner notebook

You want one now, don't you?? You seriously can't beat the amount of personalization for the cost! You must go check out the options at Plum Paper. If you decide to order, you can use the code SANDY10 for 10% off your total purchase! (expires 10/31/2016)

Now that I have told you how amazing my favorite planner is, it is time for me to start celebrating my birthday! First thing, we are headed out to breakfast! Have a great weekend everyone! See you back here Tuesday to recap our weekend and Taylor Swift!! Woohoo!

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Happy Friday! 


  1. I love seeing how you use your planner.

    I found out about your post from the #EthanProject linky party.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sandy! I hope you have a great day and enjoy Taylor Swift with your daughter! Thank you for the discount code for the planner, too!

  3. Holy crap, I need that planner.
    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I am always looking for a good planner! Love the customization this one offers!

  5. Happy birthday! With so much technology these days, I found myself craving good, old fashioned paper and handwriting, so I recently started using the Erin Condren Life Planner and I love it! It's so nice to see everything layed out on paper and it's fun to color code and use stickers to showcase my creativity. Great post :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you! I LOVE that planner, and am a stationary nerd. Haha! :) Definitely need to check them out!

  7. I am searching for planner peace and will check out this one!

  8. I'm always on the search for a great planner! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a super cute planner! I am always on the hunt for a planner that is big enough for me to write in the boxes. I swear they make those boxes so small you can barely write anything down. Thanks for sharing this! I'll be saving this for next year when I need a new one!


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