Happy 5th Birthday Owen!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

You are just the cutest thing!

You make me laugh so many times each day!

You are the best at impressions and love to do them!

You are never happier than when you are driving a vehicle, like your 4 wheeler and dune racer. You might actually be a better driver than I am and you are only 5!

You are wild yet cautious! 

You are very sweet. I love when you ask to snuggle or crawl in my lap, and with a hug, say "I just love you"

You watch everything we do and repeat! 

You are your own person and you do your own thing and you don't care what anyone else thinks and I love that about you!

You are so inquisitive and there is no short answers for you. You want to know everything and you tell me that! 

You love all things boy, monster trucks, dirt bikes, construction, but you have lots of "girlfriends" and you play so well with them too! You are a great friend!

You love your daddy! When he isn't working you want to do everything with him.

You played soccer and tball this year and loved them both! You give your all with such determination, you are going to be such a good team player!

You came into this world 5 years ago and you have made me laugh every single day since!

You completed our family and we are so blessed to have you!

I love you so much, Owen!



  1. WOW! Your kiddos' birthdays are back to back! Happy Birthday, Owen!


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