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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oh, What an amazing weekend this was! It was too amazing not to recap for you all. I was away this weekend so I did not weigh in, but I will be back with a weigh in next week!

First up, Friday! It was my birthday and it started out great! When I woke up, I had flowers and cards from my family and they took me out to breakfast! We ate at this restaurant called Sinful Kitchen in Portland and it was delicious, as always!

I enjoyed a mimosa at breakfast!

After breakfast, we came home and Olivia and I finished packing for our trip! At noon my mom came to pick us up and off we went to Rhode Island!

Taylor Swift played at Gillette on Friday night too and we saw this car on our way down...

By 4:30 we had said goodbye to my mom, as she was spending the weekend with friends and family, and Olivia and I were hanging out with my cousin and her daughters! 

They surprised me with a cake before the momma's headed out for the evening!

Lucky for me, another one of my cousins was around and available to hang out Friday night and the three of us went to dinner! 

We were terrible at taking selfies! 

We had so much fun...a little too much fun, maybe??!! The food was great, the drinks were flowing quickly and the band that was playing was great! We loved all the songs and when we finished eating we all went out to dance. It was perfect!

Once the band finished at the restaurant, we moved on to another bar to end the evening. We didn't get home until after 1AM. I haven't had that kind of night in a long time, it was just the best birthday! Thank you Stacy and Sarah for such a great celebration!

In the morning, I kind of hated myself (you know, like the "I am never drinking again, hate myself), but after some ibuprofen, a shower, some food and a large coke I was ready to enjoy the day! 

My cousin Stacy and I took the girls to the mall and I bought Olivia an outfit for the concert! We went home, we all got ready to go and off to Gillette stadium we went! 

We got to the stadium a few hours in advance, did a little shopping and had dinner at CBS studio right at Patriot Place. The first acts started while we were still at dinner, but we were eating on the deck of the restaurant and we could hear everything! 

Having a little fun! 

Olivia had me send this pic to Mike, because she wanted
him to think she had met Taylor. He wasn't fooled :)

On the deck of the restaurant! 

These two were a little excited! 
When we got into the stadium we went to visit my aunt and uncle who were working there. Then we stood in line forever to buy t-shirts! Then we were off to find out seats and watch the concert. About 45 minutes after we sat down Taylor came out and for the next 2 hours, Olivia and I had just the best time! The show was amazing, Taylor is amazing and I think we will definitely need to see her in concert again!

We didn't get back to my cousins until 1AM...again! Needless to say, in the morning we were exhausted. I drank a cup of black coffee because I could hardly keep my eyes open and Olivia was still sleeping at 11am.....

and when I tried to wake her....

Unfortunately, she had to wake up because we had a long drive ahead of us and the boys were waiting for us! We went to my meet my mom at my Grandfathers where a few of my aunts and uncles were visiting as well! We had lots of laughs recapping the weekend! Then us girls hit the road back to Maine! 

When we got home, Mike made me dinner, steak, fries and corn on the cob! Then we had cake all together to celebrate my birthday. I was so tired, I didn't even think about taking pictures, but it was a perfect celebration with my little family! It was such a memorable weekend and I loved it! 

Have a great Tuesday!! 


  1. Sounds like the perfect Birthday/Girls/Mother-Daughter weekend!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend! Nice!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  3. Happy belated birthday! Nothing like a good celebration....but the old song is true...the hangovers hurt more than they use to for sure the older I get!

    1. LOL! Yes, hurt a lot more and last a lot longer :)

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! XOXO


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