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Monday, July 6, 2015

If you read last week, you know that I didn't weigh in and I did not eat well the previous week. This week, however, I did pretty well. With a few minor things I ate well the majority of the week and I got in my 3 walks.

Weigh in was Friday morning. Thursday and Friday were "those days" of the month that I am carrying some water weight. I can feel it in my clothes and see it in my face and my stomach, but I didn't want to miss another weigh in, so off I went....
While I was of course disappointed in my weight gain, I am not beating myself up about it. One, because part of it was beyond my control. I can't help the day of the month it was! Two, I had made my mistakes the week before and I worked hard last week to get back on track. Lastly, I had lost 2.6 pounds the week before so even though I gained, I did not gain back all that I had lost! 

The one disappointing thing is that I ended up back in the 190's. My next small goal for myself is to get into the lower 180's. This way when I have those times when I gain a few pounds I don't end up back up to 190. I want to be at a place that I can be confident, I won't see a 190 again! So I need to think of something special to do, when I hit 180?! Suggestions??

This week will not be the best as it is birthday party week in our house. Olivia turns 9 on Tuesday, Owen turns 5 on Thursday and we have a family party on Wednesday! I will be eating a lot of cake this week. This weekend was a little tricky with BBQ food and drinks, so I am going into the week, with very little extra points to eat cake, but cake I will eat. I will not say no to cake on my kids birthdays! I am hoping being good the rest of my meals and my walks will help me out when it comes to weigh in next week! Wish me luck! 

Let's recap, to make me feel better! Overall in 14 weigh ins, I have lost 17.1 pounds, I can't complain about that! I have missed a few weigh ins, so I would say I am averaging 1 pound loss per week. What do they say? Slow and steady wins the race, so I would say I am doing alright??!! 

I am following my rules this week, I cleaned out the fridge, I meal planned, I am cutting up my veggies and fruit and drinking lots of water!! 

You won't hear from me much this week as I am celebrating my babies this week, but I will be back next week refreshed and ready to get motivated! Happy Monday! 


  1. I think you're doing great! I know it's hard not to get discouraged, but keep it up! :-)

  2. You are doing great! Plus, it could be any factor of things to have you gain the 1.9 pounds back. I weighed myself on Saturday and was at one weight, then yesterday weighed myself and was up 6 pounds!! Crazy! I didn't change anything about my diet or exercise schedule and yet I was up 6 pounds! Today, I was down 4. But you are doing great...keep it up!!

    1. Isn't it crazy how that can happen?? I try not to let it get me down!! Thanks for stopping by!


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