Weigh in Monday

Monday, July 13, 2015

It's weigh in Monday again, but I did not weigh in. Last week was not a good week. The cake, cupcakes and ice cream I ate were only a small part of the problem....

I didn't get a full grocery shopping in. I ran to the store for a few things a couple of different times during the week, but I never grabbed stuff for lunches. One day for lunch we got italians from Amato's, which I thought wouldn't be so bad, was I ever wrong...19 points. That's almost my whole day!

We ate out for dinner three times this week, and I did not make the best choices. Think, Lobster Mac n' cheese and a crispy chicken wrap with fries.

During the kids family birthday party, after Owen's birthday party and Saturday night on date night, I had drinks and I am not talking water :)

I didn't track anything all week. Nothing.

I did not get up early and walk, not once last week. The kids stayed up so late last week with all the festivities, which made me stay up even later than usual, so there was no getting out of bed early for me.

Add in the ice cream cake on Tuesday, delicious cupcakes on Wednesday (with plenty of leftovers) and cake and ice cream on Thursday. Not good!

This is a perfect example of my struggle. It was a busy week with the kids birthdays and my main focus was the kids and everything else was put on the back burner. Everything, meal planning, cooking, shopping, exercising and tracking. Without these things it makes it very hard to have a good week. The more bad choices I made, the more it snowballed because the mentality of,well, I have already screwed up my day, mine as well eat another cupcake...right? NO!

Here is the thing though, it happened and I am aware of it. I did not get on the scale because I felt it best for myself to live in denial. I know what it would have said, but I chose to not see it in front of me! But today is a new day, this is a new week. I have not lost my motivation. It was a hard week and I knew going into summer these times were going to happen.

Yesterday, I meal planned and grocery shopped. This morning I woke up early to get some work done and take my morning walk. Last week was not perfect, but I can make sure that this week is. I have that control and I am going to take it.

As much as I want to see results instantly, this is a journey. My journey will have ups and downs and I feel as though I am getting better at handling and understanding that. In the past, I may have said, it will be easier to lose weight in the fall (yes it will be), but if I have that mentality, I will be 20 pounds heavier in the fall before I get started.

At this point, I am down 17.1 pounds (because I am living in denial) and that is great progress. Maybe this whole summer, I only lose another 5 pounds, but being down 22 pounds going into the fall, is better than throwing in the towel and gaining the whole rest of the summer. Some weeks will be great, some weeks will be less than perfect and some weeks, such as this past one, will suck, but they are all part of my journey!

If you missed it last week, both my kiddos had birthdays! 

This week I am going to be talking about their birthday parties and my recipe for breakfast pizza! 

Have a great week everyone! 

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