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Monday, October 17, 2016

Well it has been a long time...again! I still think about this blog all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. But, time just slips away from me. I honestly don't know how some of these bloggers do it. I really don't. They work, take care of kids and their house and still manage to post multiple times per week (some 5 days/week) and stay on social media.

I can not do any of it consistently. When I was working at this blog every day, I was posting to social media, trying to keep up with different blog groups, reading and commenting on tons of other blogs and it was super time consuming. I still want to blog, but I had to think about why. I miss putting my thoughts down. I miss the creativity of putting together a post. I miss getting comments that I have helped another person, because isn't that what makes it all worth it?

So I had some decisions to make. One was to take the Facebook app off of my phone. Although it may seem unrelated to the blog, it is such an incredible time sucker for me. I can easily waste an hour on there because one things leads to another and I have read about a ton of useless celebrity gossip and random other stuff as well as stalked a few people I barely know. I know I am not alone here! Since I have to either look at it on the computer or I can pull it up on the internet through my phone, I am only doing it once a day and I am telling you, I have been so much more productive. There have been days that I have not opened it even once. It feels good and gives me more time for things that are important to me.

You know I love me some ecards! 

I have decided that when I do a post, I will share it on my Facebook page, but I will not share it with blogging groups. Of course, I want people to read my blog, but I don't have the time to devote to the groups, so if you find my blog and love it, great, I will be so happy about that, but I am not going to add additional steps to my sharing process. I changed my focus from writing because I loved it to trying to share and make money from the blog and I realize that isn't the road I wanted to go down. I want to put the work into writing good posts, but still have the time for the other things going on in my life.

So, what is going on in my life, you ask??

1. Renovations - Oh you know, we just took off the roof and turned our 50's style ranch into a colonial. No biggie :) Huge amount of work, huge amount of stress, but huge amounts of excitement as well. It deserves a HUGE post all to itself which I will get out as soon as possible!

2. Back to School - Summer came and went. The kids and I had a great time together and tried to make the most of the chaos in the house. As much fun as we had though, I am grateful to be back into routine and having a little time to myself to focus on other things. I can't wait to fill you in on some of these things really soon.

3. Health- Let's just say I haven't focused on this since the roof came off...enough said.

I'm back sharing my life and my world, but I am not going to try to post 5 days per week, right now I am going to do only once per week and move on from there or stay there! Each week of the month will have a different theme based on house, family and health. One week I will update you on the house and the next will be totally different and I will show you the scale...ahhhh! Maybe we will get back to...

I think this will be a great strategy for me and I feel you will finally hear from me consistently, but not too often :)

I am happy to be sitting here again, typing up my thoughts. I truly miss this, so why is it the first thing I put on the back burner so often?? I am not going to let it happen anymore. One post per week! I can do it!

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