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Monday, February 13, 2017

I mentioned back in my New Years post that this year I am working on being me and you would be hearing more about that. Today I want to give you more of an explanation of what I mean by this.

You know how in middle school you start to want to act like the other kids, usually the "cool" kids. You envy a lot as you navigate your way through this awkward time in your life. You want things the other kids have, you want hair that the other girls have, if your hair is straight you long for curly, etc. As you enter high school and find a solid group of friends you start to feel more confident in your own skin. You begin to appreciate your differences and just truly enjoy life a bit more. Then college years you don't worry much about anything beyond your school work and where the next party was, at least for me that was true! Then you become a true adult, a wife and a parent and all of a sudden you feel life under a microscope again.

Maybe I am the only one who feels like this, your story could be totally different, you might have had great confidence your whole life and never doubted yourself, but I definitely did and when I became a parent I began to do it again. Are you using cloth diapers, do you make your own baby food, how many hours a night is your baby sleeping? They sleep on their bellies, you moved the car seat already, you allow them to watch TV?? 

Then as a family, I would look around, this is where Facebook is a big factor, and compare our life to everyone else's. For years my house was nothing to be proud of, we don't travel enough, we aren't having as much fun as other people, we aren't going to church, I am not exercising, I am not thin enough and I am not a morning person. The early bird gets the worm, right??

You name it and I was giving myself a hard time about it. I felt like I was not happy. How can I be happy when we have so many flaws. What I didn't realize is that I was not happy because I was trying to make myself something that I am not.

The realization came to me at counseling a few months back. We were catching up. How are things going and I said things were going really well. I had put into place a new way of scheduling myself per her suggestion at my last visit and my time management had greatly improved, BUT...I am still not getting up early in the morning, I said. I am still having a hard time getting out of bed before the kids to get stuff done before they get up. Her question to me, was why do you need to get up before the kids?? My answer was, I don't know? It seems like a lot of people do and say how that time is so great and they get so much accomplished. She explained to me that I get stuff done in the evening that these people are doing in the morning. I am clearly not a morning person and that's ok. My schedule does not need me to be a morning person so why am I trying to change myself? Holy lightbulb!!!

I am 36 years old and I am still trying to mold my life based on what I am seeing other people do and it has really been going on since I had Olivia. I tried making baby food when that is not something that was important to me, but I felt weird pulling out a jar in front of certain people. It wasn't the right thing for me, but I felt bad when I stopped. My house was small and not what we wanted, but we made the best of it and I should have owned it and not been embarrassed by it. We don't get on a plane and travel all the time, but for us we are just as happy, if not happier and more relaxed sitting on the lake for a week at camp. We will travel, but it hasn't been a priority for us and I shouldn't feel embarrassed by that, but I was. And for the love of god, why can't I become a morning person?? Because I stay up until late at night and my body is not ready to get out of bed. I don't want to go to bed early so that I can get up early, and I need 7-9 hours of sleep and that is non negotiable. So there. I am a night owl...stop trying to change myself.

The moral of the story is counseling is fabulous...haha :) Just kidding. The moral is, Be You! When you start to feel judgmental of yourself, dig deep. Are you upset because you really want something for yourself and your family or you think that you should?? You might be surprised of the pressure we put on ourselves that we would not be putting there if we only worried about what was important to us and what worked with our lives. Because it is OUR lives, right?

I am busy these days being me, what about you?? 
Till next time!

5 Things February

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I decided that this week I am going to chat about a few different things in our life currently. While I am typing I am watching the Patriots celebration parade in Boston so I landed on 5 things to honor Tom Brady's 5 Superbowl wins!!


I am not perfect! Surprise :) I should have posted my transformation Tuesday photos, but I am skipping it this week. My best friend was in town for 10 days and I didn't always make the best food choices. I mean there were lots of things she needed to eat while in Maine and how could I say no?? Also, there was quite a bit of alcohol consumed! I don't regret it for a second, but I do need to work on not falling completely off the wagon when life happens! After she left, my week didn't get much better. I went to a food competition on Saturday and celebrated the Superbowl on Sunday. I feel like the number on the scale would be discouraging to me, so I am confessing to you all and #keepinitreal, but saving #transformationtuesday until next week!

~ 2~

No spend February. I started to write a post about how I was going to do a no spend February, where I would only buy things we needed this month. I would not take on any new house projects and just finish the ones that I had already bought supplies for. But before I had written the entire post, I had already cheated...oops! 

It is so hard when I have a whole house to finish, organize and decorate to not just buy everything I see that I like or feel that I "need," but it is time to slow down! There is nothing that I really need anymore. Everyone has furniture now and some fun decor, but the rest has to slowly build over time. There are also some projects I want to take on, some furniture updates, but it doesn't make sense to buy supplies for another project until I finish the ones I have already purchased! 

But then I went Walmart yesterday with a list of 5 things that I needed and came home with 5 bags of stuff. I mean, some of the stuff were things I did need but didn't think of until I saw it. But I did buy a cute Valentine's banner for decoration and an organizational piece for Olivia's room that I didn't "need" to have this month, but it was on sale and perfect and I couldn't leave without it. 

It was definitely a slip up, but I plan to continue on with the plan. I need to sit down and rework our budget and give myself a decor budget each month, but until I do, I have to reign it in! 


I have not shown pictures of the inside of the house yet because everything is not finished. There are still parts of the house that are very unfinished actually. I was hoping to have things finished before I posted pictures, but people are getting anxious to see the rest of the house, so I will show you! I decided that it would be better to do a video rather than pictures because you can see how it all flows together better than in pictures. I was going to do a Facebook Live, but Mike told me about doing it on Youtube and that seems better. I am working on it and as soon as it is done, I will post it! Once I show you what it looks like now, I will blog about what I want to do with each room. I have big plans! 


Essential oils. I have been curious about them before, but didn't know too much about them. Last week I went to a little presentation on DoTerra oils and I found it pretty interesting, so I bought a starter set to give it a shot. I have been diffusing peppermint for energy and maybe it's in my head but I do feel an increase of energy. Last night I used Lavender on my dry, cracked, chapped lips and there is an improvement this morning. I still have lots to learn though, if you use them, I would love to hear what you use them for and which ones you use. I am still skeptical, but would love to prove these oils helpful, let me hear your stories!


Do you watch Fixer Upper? I LOVE Fixer Upper and I love Chip and Joanna. So much so, that my cousin made me this amazing mug for Christmas!

I got the Magnolia story for Christmas and I have started reading it. I knew I loved them, but if possible I love them more reading their story! They are truly an inspiration! 

That's it for this week. Next week I am sharing a new post on Being Me in 2017. Till next time! 

House Renovation - Outside

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I feel like I can not show you what we did to our house in only one post. There would be way to many pictures. So today, I will talk about the transformation of the outside!

It has been almost a year since we moved out and raised the roof (literally!). March 2016 we packed our house into the basement and moved to my in laws for 4-5 (turned into 7) weeks. During the first 5 weeks we had a construction crew here every day that weather allowed demo'ing and rebuilding. You can really only appreciate the craziness from pictures!

Our life in the basement! 

The builders first took down the garage

Then the first half of the roof came off

Before the end of the day the roof was covered in a tarp because it was going to rain that night. Talk about stressful night listening to it rain at the in laws! 

The next day the rest of the roof came off

Our builder took these pictures from above

The floor and walls went up and then they started the roof. This was all done pretty quickly as they only had a small window without rain in the forecast. 

Looking from the side of the house up to the open second floor

Looking good! except for one side, it was all boxed in. Now we can breath when it rains!! 

The garage side was still open because they needed to attach the garage.  

They rebuilt the garage and the crane showed up to put on the roof trusses. 

One day we climbed the ladder to go check it out.

Inside. One big open space. 

I climbed up once but hated climbing up the ladder, so I waited for the stairs before going up again! 

The walls were up when I finally went back up! 

Starting the roof! 

When the roof was finished, the builder and crew was done and the project became ours. Mike's first project was to put in the windows. 

Then he started building the front porch.

All finished and ready for siding.

We decided to hire out the siding and we are so glad that we did! It only took about 3-4 weeks for the entire project to be done and it looked so great!

Once the siding was done, the only thing left were the finishing touches on the porch, floor, ceiling and trim.  

We waited a few months before we hired out the porch work and finally the outside of the house was complete!!

Let's take a look way back... all the way back at what the house has looked like over the years.

We first moved into the house in 2006, but I couldn't find a picture from when we first moved in so this is about a year later. The only difference was we removed huge rhododendron plants that covered the front of the house.

picture via google

I found this picture on google maps from 2010. We had replaced the right side bay window with a regular sized window and took down the trees in the front yard.

picture via google
This picture was taken in 2012. Everything was pretty much the same except we changed out the front door.  

After many more renovations the house looked like this

Finally 2017 the house looks like this and we couldn't be happier!

This house was 10 years in the making. It was a loooonng process. It was not fun. There were a lot of stress and tears. There were days I wanted to put the house on the market and walk away. Now that it is finished I can say that it was all worth it. It didn't feel like it during the process, but now months later, I still drive up to the house and smile. I still can't believe it is mine. 

Have a great day! Till next time!

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