Friday Favorites - Maple Syrup Edition

Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy Friday! I am so happy for the weekend, yet so sad that is going to snow Saturday. I can't even. I went out without a jacket yesterday afternoon and tonight it is going to start snowing. Please bring spring, please! 

I love telling you guys what some of my favorite things are, and I figured where I did a fun post on Tuesday, why not another one today??!! 
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Netflix Binges. They are so good, yet so time consuming! Right now I am watching One Tree Hill which I watched a bit of when it was originally on. I totally forgot how much I liked the show and how much I hate Dan Scott...anybody else?? 


The basement is mostly cleared out finally so we had room to set up the treadmill again. So if I want to watch One Tree Hill during the day, I can only do it on the treadmill. 60 minutes yesterday :)


We made our own maple syrup last weekend. The boys tapped two maple trees in the backyard and collected 8 gallons of sap throughout the week. On Sunday we boiled the sap down all day. 

We thought it would take about 5-6 hours, but it actually took 10 total between outside and inside boiling. It was a fun Sunday spent outside! 

Look what we got!! 

8 gallons of sap made 3 1/2 jars of maple syrup! We boiled about 2 minutes too long, so it is a bit thicker than maple syrup you would find at the store, but about 10 seconds in the microwave and it is perfect! The next morning of course we had pancakes and the last two nights we had a dessert that might now be my favorite, vanilla ice cream with warm maple syrup drizzled on it. Seriously. to. die. for. 

After all that work, Mike understands why maple syrup is so expensive! Ha! But the process was fun! 


This picture of Bentley is now my favorite. Our first baby is getting old and doesn't hear very well anymore, so I was able to get right up close without him opening his eyes. 

If you want to see more of my favorite photos, you can check out Tuesdays post. Show and Tell your 5 favorite pictures! 

Friday is a favorite in our house. Today I am having breakfast with a friend I haven't seen in a while, searching for bathroom tile and then settling in with the kiddos and the hubby for pizza and movie night! Any good suggestions for a movie?? 

Till next time! 

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