Show and Tell Tuesday - 5 Favorite Pictures

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Today I decided to join Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday and share my 5 favorite photos of all time. This was not an easy task. I have so many pictures that I consider a favorite. I would think I had it narrowed down and then I would think of another one! Here is my list, with maybe a few extras just because I couldn't decide!


This is one of my favorite family photos! It is just quick selfie, but it makes me smile! We had so much fun on our trip to New York and this shows it! 


A girl and her dad. 


This picture of Olivia and her cousin just represents pure joy to me! This is summer in Maine and I love it! 


This candid of the kids makes me smile every time I see it. Believe me they aren't always this sweet with each other, but when they are I cherish it! 


My all time favorite photo with my kids. 

 And because I couldn't choose just 5, here are a few more faves

That hat, those cheeks

Again pure summer joy...

and more...
Are we seeing a summer theme here??

This one with papa always cracks me up! Could they look any cooler? 

And of course, I can't not put a picture of the house in here. This picture signifies the end of a long, long project and has to be one of my favorites! If you want to check out the journey of the outside and inside of the house you can click here for the outside and here for the inside

Thanks Andrea for hosting a fun link up!


  1. Your house is very pretty! And what a great pic with the Statue of Liberty!


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