Grace's Room Reveal

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ok, so a few weeks ago I announced that I am going to school for interior design. I love to decorate and I have a certain girl in my life that loves the way I decorate my house! She wanted her pink little girl room made into a "big" girl bedroom for her birthday last summer and she wanted me to do it for her. I was honored and psyched because I had started going to school and would love to have my first project to add to my portfolio!

This is exactly the kind of project that is right up my alley! It was so great to ask her some questions, get a budget from mom and get to work! I bought things over about a month time frame before her birthday and then spent a few hours over two days putting the whole thing together while she was away! It was so fun to see her expression when she finally saw the finished product at her party!

So this is Grace's pink room, before....

And this is the after....

What did I do? 

Grace's favorite color is orange, so of course she originally wanted to paint the room orange which we for sure could have found a decent orange to use on the walls, but I talked to her about how if her favorite color is orange and she is out at the store and finds something for her room, chances are if they have it in orange she will want that color, example: a picture frame. If she paints the walls orange and everything she picks out is orange the room will be overwhelming orange and not look good, but if we pick a color that looks good with orange she can add all the orange decorations she wants. She was convinced! 

The first thing I chose was the comforter. This comforter had orange and lots of other great colors in it. I picked a paint color by choosing a color from the comforter and making sure that orange looked good with it. Then I decided on a floor plan, I knew I wanted to move the desk to the opposite wall to leave more space around the bed. I knew that I wanted some piece of storage furniture to go under the TV to give her room for her American Girl dolls and some other trinkets that girls collect and to hide the TV cords. I knew I wanted to get a large rug because I don't feel that a room can feel really cozy without some coziness on the floor! I knew that I needed a table next to the bed for a lamp. And of course some decorations. I was given a $350 budget to work with (this did not include paint). 

What did I buy from the $350 budget? 

Side Table from Pottery Barn (no longer available) $50
Target tins - dollar bin $4
Lamp from 5 Below - $5 (similar here)
Je T'aime canvas from 5 Below - $5
White full length mirror from Walmart $10
Picture frames from various locations

If the item was still available I linked to it, but some of the prices have changed since I purchased them. If you purchase an item from my link, I do get a small profit. Thanks for supporting my blog! 

Birthday present items from us

12x12 corkboards - Target dollar bin $3 each (similar here)
magnets for whiteboard - Target dollar bin $1 (similar here)
push pins - Target dollar bin $1
orange storage boxes - Target dollar bin $8
G on the shelf which I made from this tutorial - $5 
Orange Vase from dollar store and we made the yarn flowers from this tutorial $6

I had an extra IKEA picture ledge shelf which I gave to her - $12

Obviously we weren't buying a new bed with our budget and I reused her bed skirt because it still matched and that was definitely a save to the budget. I kept her Orange Yogibo Max Giant Bean Bag and propped it up like a chair in the corner of her room facing the TV. I used the shelf that was above her desk in the pink room (before) and placed it next to the bean bag and filled it with books so she could also sit there and read. The shelf also worked as a great side table for the other side of the bed holding some pictures and a lava lamp that she had. I was super psyched to find such a great rug on Amazon that worked with my budget and was also soft and cozy. It is on the thin side, but a rug pad would make it a little cushier and that coupled with the softness makes it the perfect rug for someone on a budget. I mean, $125 for an 8x10 rug is a great deal! 

On the other side of the room the TV used to just hang on the wall with nothing underneath it. I wanted to conceal as much of the wiring as possible and she needed a place to display her American Girl dolls as they are still special, but she isn't taking them out to play very much. I was happy with the shelf because it was tall and provided a lot of great storage. 

The desk space is one of my favorites. I had purchased the cork boards and they worked out perfect with the white board that she already had. Then I used a cafe curtain rod and S hooks to hold some little metal buckets which I filled with pens, pencils, markers, etc. The desk is great but doesn't have a ton of storage so I thought this would work perfect to keep the desk as clear as possible! 


Finally, I sent my sister in law some extra decor options that were outside of my budget, but would fit in a few different wall spaces in the room and would be a perfect Christmas present to continue to add to the space. The room was a hit. I was super happy with how my very first project turned out and I am excited that I get to share it all with you guys! I am sure if you aren't into decorating, you probably tuned out after the reveal, but I get it! There will be lots of other posts coming your way, I am not turning into just a decor blog! 

Hope you all have a great week! Till next time 💙


  1. The room looks so beautiful. Every girls dream. Love it and great job!! 😘

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