Intuitive Eating, Yay or Nay?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Have you all heard the term intuitive eating? This is a relatively new concept for me. Of course their have been times when I say that I am throwing in the towel and say that I am not going to diet anymore. If I don’t diet, I won’t feel the need to eat in excess, right?? I can eat whatever I want...what does that lead to? Me putting on more weight, because of course I never truly lose the diet mentality yet.

My mind is always on a diet. My body...not so much.

What would it be like to really train my body not to think like a dieter. To eat only when I am hungry and only what my body craves? What would it be like to never deny myself food? What would it be like to not think about the food I put in my mouth, every second of every day? What would it be like to accept who I am right now and stop constantly trying to change my body?

Do you know what that feels like? I sure don’t. Even if I say I am going to lose the diet mentality and just choose good foods for me and stop denying myself stuff, that diet mentality is engrained in my person. It just is. If I crave chocolate and peanut butter and I eat it, I feel guilty. If I feel like I have been on a bad eating streak, I think “Monday I start eating better again” then of course, I eat like crap until Monday. My body is hating me, not because I am overweight as much as because I restrict and deny and then eat whatever I want. This cycle continues...over and over and over again.

So I think to myself, what is the answer for me. If I think about my weight, I have at least  60-70 pounds to lose. That’s a lot of weight. It is daunting, it really is. I have not been able to stick to a diet for longer than a few months since I put on weight 12 years ago. It is going to take a lot longer than a few months to lose that kind of weight. Can I, Will I, stick to restriction for long enough to lose that kind of weight? So, then what happens, I beat myself up more. Also, I don’t want to obsess about food anymore. I am so sick of tracking calories and counting points, taking out carbs, alternating high and low carb days, shakes, etc. etc. I have literally tried it all I feel like.

The biggest reason it doesn’t work is because of the diet mentality. I have a bad day where I don’t follow the plan and I decide to finish out the day with all the stuff I have been missing. You know, since I messed up anyway. Messed up, meaning I ate something not on the plan. Too many calories, points or something not considered “healthy.” Now I am upset with myself, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I just stick to the plan? Why do I have to love food that much? Why, when I want to lose weight so bad can I not do it? Why? Why? Why? I beat myself up and then I either get back on the plan the next day, a few days later, Monday, next week, etc. I have usually gained a little bit of weight (cue more beating myself up) so sometimes I get back at it and sometimes I just don’t. Even if I don’t though, I continue to eat really shitty because let’s be honest, I know, my body knows, that it won’t be long before I am fed up and back on a new diet.

This cycle has to stop.

I have been into listening to podcasts so last week I searched for some health and wellness ones to take a break from some of the more serious ones, I had been listening to. I came across one, called Food Psych with Christy Harrison. It has been very interesting to listen to, as it isn’t a podcast about how to lose the weight and be healthy, it is all about accepting yourself as you are, finally having a healthy relationship with food and no more dieting. She is a certified intuitive eating counselor and I am hooked!

This particular episode #51 How to Stop Dieting & Gain Body Acceptance with Kelsey Miller hit home because so many of the things talked about in this episode could have come right out of my joke!

I have worked a ton in the last two years on realizing my worth. Knowing that I am not my body, I am so so much more. If you followed me from the beginning you might remember this post, where I posted this picture from a project I did in my women’s group

This is something I am still working on to this day. I feel like I am better at this than I was a long time ago, but I am still not perfect. I still have a lot of work to do. Imagine if I could 100% believe it and not obsess about food. What would my life be like? I am not sure I even remember. I so badly want to get back there though.

I am going to continue to listen to the podcast and I think I am going to buy the book written by the guest on episode #51, Kelsey Miller. Big Girl How I Gave up Dieting and Got a Life.

I am also going to go back and finish reading Eat What you Love and Love What you Eat. I only read a little bit of this book because it didn’t feel like enough for me. I need restriction and rules, right?? I don’t think that is what I need. I think I need exactly what is in this book.

I also have the workbook because my counselor gave it to me when I was regularly going to sessions with her. She knew that is what I I need to listen!

So what are your thoughts? Anyone tried ditching the diet and developed a better relationship with food? I want to hear from you if you have!!!! Comment or e-mail me! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, I know I am so glad it's Friday! Till next time....

Friday Favorites

Friday, September 22, 2017

My Favorite Post to do is Friday Favorites! I love to pass along all the things I am loving because who knows who else might benefit from the ideas or the items! Linking up with Andrea and Erika for the first time in a long time for this random edition of ....

My favorite thing to do around the house is decorate and little by little different areas of the house are getting finished.There is still so much to do, but every little thing that gets done gets me excited. Today I am going to show you a few of my favorite spots around the house!

These shelves. You guys, I had a vision and it looks exactly as I expected it would. I could not love these shelves more. I had picked up some of the items used to decorate them over time, knowing I would have them someday! Then I picked up a few new fall decorations to finish it off. 

I could not be happier. And, they were so easy. So, so easy. I bought these brackets on Amazon which you can find by clicking here

Then Mike bought 2x8's and cut them to size for me. I stained them, Mike hung up the brackets and in an afternoon the shelves were done! Amazing. I would definitely recommend these rustic brackets, simple yet the whole thing really makes a statement!

Gallery walls are my favorite! I am still working on choosing pictures for this set, but the look makes me happy when I come up the stairs. 

I bought this set of 9 frames on Amazon. Perfect Gallery wall, it even comes with a template that you hang on the wall to make hanging the frames super easy, I could do it myself! I bought 2 sets of frames so that I could cover the whole wall. 

I had 3 frames left over, that for now, I put over my bed! 

That isn't their forever home because I have big plans for the wall behind the bed someday, but one thing at a time!

My favorite decorating project this week had to do with paint and a floor! If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, you should @slitcher) I instastoried (is that a word??) about the process when I started the other day. I am hoping to maybe finish it up today and I will probably put some updates on Instagram again! I can't wait to see it all finished.

OK, my favorites for my friends that aren't into decorating, how about some TV and book talk? 

#1 Younger

Image result for younger

Have you watched this show? If you haven't you totally should. I could not stop watching it. I love a fun 30 minute comedy. I was able to watch the seasons on Hulu, then catch up on the current season, which sadly just ended!  

#2 Ozark

Image result for ozark

This is a Netflix original that Mike and I have started watching. This is definitely one of those shows you could binge on. We have to try really hard each night to cut ourselves off after one or two episodes. 

#3 This is Us

Image result for this is us

It's almost back!! I can not wait to watch this again! If you have not watched it yet, you have a few more days to catch up on season 1 before season 2 starts!  

Book Club is my favorite! I love that because of book club, I have to read some books that are different than the usual book I would pick out. We have read books that I would never have chosen and then really loved. And who doesn't love to sit around with friends, have a glass of wine and chat? Last month we had sangria and sat out on a deck, it was a perfect fall night! This month we are reading The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas. Has anyone read this one? I am going to order it, and was curious if I could read it with Olivia? If anyone has read it, let me know if I can read it with an eleven year old, I would appreciate it! 

Some other favorites from the week...

A hike and lunch with one of my friends that I don't get to see very often. 

Date Night! We had dinner and drinks out with friends this weekend!

This boy scoring goals in soccer this year. Wow has he improved! And he ran in his first track meet!

This girl went to her first Middle School dance...what?? I still can't believe it! 

I think that about does it for favorites this week! Next week I am thinking about a health update! Stayed tuned to find out what is going on in the health department. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Till next time! 

P.S This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a portion of the sale. This does not affect your cost, but does help to support my blog. Thanks!

It's Fall Y'all

Friday, September 15, 2017

I often wish I had a southern accent and could say y'all anytime I want, but unfortunately that is not the case. I do feel though that I can get away with the fall y'all saying at this time of year which for me, fall starts on September 1st. I know technically there are still a few weeks, but in my mind, it is here!

Fall brings cooler weather , pumpkin everything, new decorations, blanket snuggling and my favorite...back to school! Y'all, I love my kids so much and the last few summers have been amazing. They are older and able to do all of the same things for the most part and getting up and going has been so much easier so we are out and having fun a lot. By mid August though, I am exhausted and have had zero time to myself. Also, the kids are exhausted from the traveling and the late nights that they start to fight and get on each others nerves. I get it too, I really do, they have spent a ton of time together, heck, I am sick of them too #sorrynotsorry so everything goes downhill. During this downhill spiral we have to get organized and ready for back to school. This means I have to catch up on the piles of laundry so they have clothes to wear, and we have to buy school supplies and clothes, rooms need to be cleaned and backpacks and lunch boxes get brought back out. And all this occurs while the kids are whining and fighting and telling me they are bored. I swear it works out well because instead of being sad after the amazing summer, that they are heading back to school, it makes me very excited! It is a celebration! I send them off and at the end of the school day I am happy to see them come home! I love you, fall!

Enough about that, now what does fall mean for me this year?? So much! First, I am so happy to be back here blogging and filling you all in on my plans. I have had a few people ask if I was planning to blog again when the kids went back to school and the answer, of course, is always yes! I really do love this, I don't know why it is always the first thing to go when things get busy, but that is the season of life I am in right now.

Second, I just took my test for the professional organizing course (which I rocked with a 100!) that I have been taking alongside my interior design course. I am looking to link the two together in a business that I am starting next month. Yes, next month! I am not quite finished with my interior design certificate course, but it focuses a lot on big projects and I am really looking to help out with room redesign and organization at this point, so I am going to get started with the experience that I have. I did a few projects over the summer and they were all a huge success. Stay tuned to see some before and afters as well as more details on my business...coming soon!

Third, as always on this blog, I am working on getting in shape. Yeah I know, you don't even want to hear it, but it's true. The summer wasn't good to me, or I should say I wasn't good to my body this summer. So, my plan for right now is adding more fruits and veggies and drinking more water. I have been doing some tracking on my fitness pal. I am also slowly doing the couch to 5K with a friend and get myself back into shape.

So what is my blog plan? Once a week at least and you will get either random thoughts, a health update, or organization and decorating ideas and pictures! I am so thankful to all of you that follow along and wonder where I am when I fall off the blogging wagon!

I hope everyone has a great week and I will be back next week when I choose one thing to dive a little deeper into and fill you in on the details! Till next time!

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