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Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Friday everyone!! I love Friday’s, but I especially love the Friday twice a year that I go scrapbooking for the weekend! This time I only get to go for tonight and tomorrow because we have a party to go to tomorrow night, but I still get a full 24 hours to scrapbook and then a date night with my hubby so I really can’t complain about this weekend at all!

To celebrate the beginning of a fun weekend, I am going to do one of my favorite posts, Friday Favorites. Linking up with Andrea and Erika today to share some of my favorite things!

#1  Fall Decor...

It is no surprise to anyone that I LOVE to decorate! Fall and Christmas are my favorite holiday seasons to decorate for and this year is no exception! Check out how I put little bits of fall in each room!

#2 Simplified Planner and Emily Ley

 I switched planners and now, not only is my new planner a favorite but the person behind the planner is also my favorite. I bought the Simplified planner by Emily Ley at the end of the summer. I switched to planning my day hourly last year and it works great for me. I also love to make a list and need lots of space for notes, so this planner is perfect! I ordered it up and have loved it since day one! It would be very hard to find a planner to top this one! 

Not only is it so beautiful and great quality.
 It meets my needs exactly.

There is a page for each day...A whole page for each day! An hourly section, a list section, meals section and notes section. Perfection!

After I ordered the planner, I became familiar with the woman behind the company, Emily Ley. I started getting some e-mails and then followed her on social media. I realized that she wrote a book, Grace not Perfection and has a new book coming out, A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living, (which I have already preordered) it sounds like it will be another favorite of mine! 

She has been doing Facebook Lives on how to simplify your life and she is just truly down to earth and inspiring. I have loved listening to her and learning from her! Even if you don’t need a planner, you should follow her!!

#3 Sharpie Pens

Lame for a favorite? Maybe to you, but to me, this is huge! I bought these new pens to write in my planner with! I had a black sharpie pen from forever ago that I had written a few things in the planner with and I loved it. The tip is super fine so I can easily fit lots of writing in the spaces (I write pretty large) and it didn’t bleed through the paper. If you still work with a paper planner, you know you always worry about the bleed through! Well, I am a little crazy anal, when it comes to my planner and just writing in black wasn’t working for me. I don’t color code in the way where, everyone or everything has it’s own color, but I do love to open a page and have it be a bunch of different colors. It makes me happy! So I went on Amazon and ordered up this pack of the Sharpie pens and it is perfect. All the colors I would need and the price was amazing compared to going to the store and buying it! These are my new favorite pens! I highly recommended them!

#4 Pallet Painting for Gifts

 I went to a pallet painting party this week. I decided that I love doing these pallets, but at this point, I really don’t need any more in my house. I don’t know if you remember, but I made this one at a party for my dining room.

So when I was invited this time, I figured I would make a gift! I am working on redoing my nieces bedroom for her, and I decided I would make her a Christmas present that matched her new room. Check it out....

I found out that you could also add some glitter for a little sparkle that is perfect for a girls bedroom! I am thinking of going back and making a few more Christmas presents because how great would these small signs be for presents??!! Plus I can personalize each one with a little note on the back from me! This might just be my favorite gift idea for this season! 

Speaking of kids and presents, if you missed last weeks blog post about this fabulous gift idea for kids that holds super special memories, but decreases the clutter you can find it here. It is both one of my favorites as well as Olivia's, it for sure, deserves a spot in Friday Favorites. Can you tell what it is from the picture below? Check out the post here.

OK, that is going to do it for today! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Till next time!

There are affiliate links in this post. Meaning if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will get a credit. This does not affect your cost, but helps to support my blog! Thank you! 

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