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Friday, October 6, 2017

            You guys, I have had such an exciting week. Beautifully Organized is open for business!

The idea of Beautifully Organized has been around for almost a year. 

I have been taking an interior design course with New York Institute of Art and Design. The course is at your own pace and I am almost finished with the 4th unit out of 6 units. 

I took a Professional Organizing course with IAP career college and earned my certificate with a perfect score on the final test! 

I read a course book on Interior Redesign (using what the client has to create new looks).

I realized when taking the interior design course that although I love the idea of taking a room from nothing and adding in lighting, and furniture, color and accessories, that not everyone was going to want or need that service. I love to organize. I love the feeling of taking an overwhelming space and creating something beautiful where everything has a place and you can sit back and enjoy it. That is when I decided to take the organization course and change my track a bit. Although I will still finish my interior design course and get my certificate, (and would love a job like that), I think the people who need me the most, are the people looking for a new look or just some help making their life more efficient! That is how Beautifully Organized was born!

Last summer I redid my nieces bedroom from little girl room to “big” girl room and blogged about it here

This summer I helped out a few friends to get experience and pictures for my portfolio. 

I took a kitchen from this....

To this....

Another kitchen from this....

To this....

We have renovated our house and have been bringing our visions to life slowly, such as with these shelves (which I talked about here)...

Speaking of shelves, I have also done little projects, such as helping my sister in law with her shelves, using only what she had on hand. 

 Here are the shelves before. Not a great picture, but I got to work without taking a before picture and this is the picture she sent to show me the shelves. I have to get better about remembering the pictures! I just get so excited to get started! 

Here are the shelves after

This whole week has been such a mix of emotions. Excitement of seeing this dream become a reality as I booked my first few clients. Nervousness about putting it out there and what if nobody likes it? What will I say when I walk into my first house....eeek! But ultimately I am pretty proud that I dared to take the leap. It has been a lot of work, but I am so ready! 

I hope that you will give me a call if you need some help in your home. No job is too big or too small. I would love to come over and help you with a bookcase or rearrange and organize your whole house! 

Thank you to everyone that has been cheering me on as I got ready to launch this business! I have had some amazing cheerleaders and for that, I am incredibly grateful! 

You can find my business page on Facebook @Beautifully Organized Maine
or you click the link in the sidebar →

I have a special and a contest running over there right now! Check it out! 

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or e-mail me! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Till next time! 

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