Happy Holidays

Friday, December 22, 2017

Although I am not a winter girl, I love this holiday season! Right from Halloween straight through to the New Year's!

It is no surprise that I LOVE to decorate my house and most of the year, it is decorated with just a few small touches for each season/holiday. That is, until Christmas comes around. Before I decorate for Christmas, I have to take down almost all of my regular decor. Yes, you heard that correctly. I pack up all my decor for the Christmas season! 

Why do I do this? Well, if you don’t undecorate before you decorate, and add lots of new decor, it creates clutter instead of beauty. And for Christmas, I need all the trees and all the twinkle lights and in order to keep it calm and beautiful, I put everything away first! 

Then in January I will start fresh with my decor! This isn't a great system for everyone because, not everyone enjoys the process as much as I do, but for me it works perfectly! 

Now, here is how my house is decorated for Christmas! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! I hope you are spending it with the ones you love, relaxing, having fun and making every moment worth it! See you all in 2018 🎆

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