Growing in Gratitude - February

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I heard about this link up with Julie and Trista and I thought this was perfect for me! I have thought about trying to get up in the morning and write down something that I am thankful/grateful for each morning, but let's be honest, I can barely get out of bed when I need to, never mind early!!

Something that is important to me this year though, is to be grateful and really appreciate the good in life, so when I saw this link up I knew I had to join! I might not be able to write them down every day, but I can tell you five each month!

So let's get started with the things I am grateful for in the month of February! 

1. Our Quebec trip - I talked about this trip last week, here. I am thankful for the experience of this trip, but also for the family time we were able to enjoy! How cool is it that my kids got to do something that fun with their grandparents??!!

2. Cousins - My cousin Stacy and I have been cousins and best friends since I was born just 6 months after she was! Now we have kiddos that are the same/similar in age and they are super close too! They love spending time together and so do we, so it works out great! We have made it a tradition to see each other on school vacations so this February vacation they came to visit and then we took the kiddos to Coco Key Resort for a night and we had a blast!

So Fun, minus the false alarm evacuation at 9pm from the hotel and then transfer of sickness from them to me...but we are talking about what we are grateful for, right?? :)

3. Gilmore Girls - I loved this show back in the day and now I am watching it with Olivia. I am grateful for the down/quality time I have been able to have with Olivia almost every night to watch an episode. She looks forward to it each night and so do I! I am also grateful for the life lessons it presents that I can then talk to Olivia about. A little life lesson every now and then that isn't really coming from a parent is perfect, right?? Rory and Lorelai are way cooler than I am!!

4. New Laundry System - I have started a new laundry system after reading Emily Ley's A Simplified Life. I have been doing laundry daily since January and it has worked out great for me! My mom has been telling me to do a load of laundry every day since the first time she saw my entire laundry room filled with laundry or baskets and baskets of overflowing clean laundry baskets just waiting to be folded and put away, but it never worked for me. I would try, but would always get behind, until now! After reading the book on how she does the load a day trick, everything in one load. All laundry together once a day, I thought of a system that would work for me and gave it a shot.

Every day instead of putting clothes in laundry baskets we put the clothes directly in the washer, everything, towels, washcloths, clothes, etc. Sometimes this happens throughout the day and sometimes this happens when I yell upstairs and have the kids bring down their laundry from their floor. But before I go to bed, I have a full washer and I get it set up and delay the wash until about 6AM the next morning. This way before I am even awake the washer is going and I don't have to remember to run it first thing and the clothes don't have to sit wet in the washer all night. Perfect, right?

When I get up, I switch it to the dryer and at some point I fold and put it away. Sometimes the fold and put away step doesn't happen on day 1 and I need to get better about that, but for the most part I stay right on top of washing the clothes. When we went away and when we had company this weekend, I got a little behind, but not even close to the way it used to be! This is a perfect system for us! I have tried different daily systems before, each person in the family had a day, whites one day, darks another, towels another, etc. NONE of them worked, but this has gone super smooth. It is so SIMPLE and that's why it works for us!

5. Dove Chocolates - yes my last thing is a food, and yes it's chocolate! These little chocolates have saved me this month! I love me some sweets, this is not a surprise, I know! I keep these little chocolates in the freezer and after lunch and dinner I have one. I feel like it tells my body that I am done eating and just gives me that little bit of sweetness that I require in my day! And you get an inspiring quote on the inside. Who couldn't use a little extra inspiration??

I can't wait to do this again next month! Some day, maybe, I will get up early and do this on the daily, but for now I will start with once a month!

 I hope you all have a great week!
Till next time ❣

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Friday Favorites 2/16/2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday!! We are officially on school vacation at the end of the day! We have a few fun things on the agenda for the week, a little down time and relaxation and some catch up with family. Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika to tell you about some favorite things going on lately! 

I blogged about our trip to Quebec, Canada on Monday and that was my favorite experience ever! If you want to see what we did, click here

Lincoln, our pup, went to a day school a few days per week. He got lots of exercise and socialization with other dogs while also being trained for basic commands and to give him good dog manners! He loved Pupstart and so did we! Two weeks ago he had his last day and my favorite was his going away present that included this diploma...

How stinkin' cute was this? If any locals are considering a puppy, we highly recommend Pupstart! 

My favorite girl got braces this week! She is such a trooper!

She cracked me up the day before braces when she called me to be sure I remembered to get her all the candy she loves, but won't be able to eat while she is wearing the braces!


Here she is before...

and after...

Love her ❤

Valentine's day! I know some people don't like Valentine's day, but I love any day that gives me an excuse to eat chocolate and show a little extra love to my family! 

I made a heart cake for the kids when they got home from school...

Then after dinner we dipped strawberries in chocolate.

It may have ended a little messy and we had so much fun! 

One of  my favorite things to have in my house is fresh flowers! I love that Mike got me flowers and Owen got Olivia flowers for Valentine's day! How sweet is that? 

I will leave you with some pretty flower pictures! I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Till next time ❣

Quebec Trip

Monday, February 12, 2018

When we asked for an experience from my parents this year for Christmas instead of gifts we did not expect they would give us a trip to Canada, but what a perfect experience it was!! 

We got to see another country...

Image result

 We got to see amazing wonders made from snow and ice...



Here we are posing with Bonhomme, he was the face of the carnaval...

We got to see incredible views from a revolving restaurant at the top of our hotel...


We got to eat delicious food and drinks everywhere we went...

We ate A LOT of maple!!
Maple syrup, maple taffy, maple sugar and maple taffy...

We got to swim in a pool that looked like we were on a tropical island...

 We got to ride slides of ice that were amazing and incredibly fun...

We got to be silly and play games...

 We got to spend time as a family that was absolutely priceless...

  We got to freeze like I have never felt before 🤣...

Even being cold, it was so much fun! Next time we visit Quebec though, it will be in the summer :)

Thank you to my parents for an incredible trip!! 
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