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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! I don't know where 2017 went and how it could possibly already be 2018? I say this every year, but it just goes by so fast. All the prep and planning for Christmas and it is here and then over so fast! I enjoyed Christmas and the whole vacation so much this year, there were equal amounts of fun and relaxation and you can't go wrong with that!

Anyway, how many of you made New Year's resolutions? How many of you included getting organized on your list? I am hoping there are a few of you out there ;)

I would love to get you on my schedule to help with this task! Do you have a space in your house that drives you crazy? Do you have a room that is always a mess? Do you wish your mornings/evenings or weekends ran smoothly? I can help!

Here is what other people are saying about the work I have done so far...

"Sandy is the best! She helped me organize all of my clothes and my closet...looks great and is already making my life so much easier!" - Molly

"I had a great experience working with Sandy! Our kitchen was small, outdated and cluttered. We’re still several years out from a full renovation and just wanted some improved organization and a facelift- Beautifully Organized was the answer! The best part about working with Sandy was that she asked so many questions and really tried to understand how our family uses the kitchen...our cooking habits, where we pack lunches, what we use most, how often we bake, etc. She didn’t want to just implement her own organizational preferences, she wanted to make sure everything she did worked best for our family. I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my efficiency in the kitchen as a result of her efforts, and feel like I have so much more space! Can’t wait to implement her paint and backsplash ideas next!" 
- Lacie

"Sandy has helped us transform our house to a home. She worked with us to pick out paint colors for each room and went through room by room helping us organize and style the rooms. Sandy has helped us to reduce clutter and stress in our home and we couldn't be more grateful for all of her help!!" 
- Amanda

"Sandy has done various projects for me from organizing my kitchen to designing my dining room. She selected fabulous elements taking into consideration my preference for farmhouse modern while always giving us multiple choices and price ranges for things so we could make sure it fit within our budget. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work Sandy has done for us. She made organizing and decorating our house fun! I would highly recommend her. Forget the countless hours of stress and anxiety trying to figure out exactly what to do with your space let her do the work for you and I promise you won't regret it for a second" - Stacy

"Sandy came to my home and did an extremely through review of what would be most helpful to feel organized in the kitchen and dining room area to begin, and then went from room to room. After she made her recommendations, we quickly began the work. Within 48 hours our kitchen and dining room had a wonderful, tranquil feel to it. Just the organization alone, has helped save time for our family to prepare meals, kids lunches, and even to grab a quick cup of coffee! Originally my husband and I had been discussing a new tile floor, new counters and cabinets, however after the room was complete, it felt bran new and workable without having to complete all of those major changes. She has brought new meaning to the word simplicity. Some areas of our house now seem elegant, well put together and simply "flow" as you would want it to! Not only did her organizational piece make a huge difference, she also recommended paint colors, (our living room and hallway look great with newly painted gray walls:), and also made recommendations on how to reorganize our coat closet! I never even imagined I could have a space to hang up all of our coats and backpacks without having anything on the closet floor! I will definitely be asking for Sandy's expertise to transform our bedroom in the near future. I can't wait!" - Tristin

I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for these amazing reviews! I look at the end product of each job as if it were my own space. I get just as excited to see a beautiful organized space in other peoples homes, as I do my own! I hope that I can help you this year! If you have been wanting to schedule, what are you waiting for?? 

My goal is to schedule four clients this month so I am giving a deal for organization. I am offering a free consultation plus an extra free hour to anyone who schedules this week!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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