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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Good morning! February is off to a great start! Today I am trying out a new post and linking up with Anne to talk about what I am currently finishing, subscribing, wishlisting, watching and hearting! 

Finishing - Most important this week is my book for book club! I have less than a week and I just started it. I heard everyone has really liked it and there will be a great discussion this month. So far I am intrigued and read the first 100 pages in the first sitting! Looking for a new book? Check out Jodi Picoult's, Small Great Things.

Subscribing - I have been driving quite a bit in the past few months, bringing the dog to training and now a new job that requires driving from place to place. I have found that I love listening to podcasts when I am in the car alone! Here are the podcasts that I subscribe to and love listening to each week!

Here are a few that I have subscribed to recently or just recently finished...

Do you listen to podcasts? Any good recommendations? 

Wishlisting - Our whole house needs to get trimmed out and then as each room is finished, it needs to be painted. I hate painting and I am terrible at it, but I think hiring a painter is going to be impossible given the cost. So I guess I am wishing for a free painter...too much to ask?? Ha! 

Watching -

Image result for fixer upper
Well at this very moment, I am watching Fixer Upper. I am so sad that the show is almost over. I totally understand Chip and Jo's decision to finish up and focus more on their family, but what am I going to do on Tuesday night?? 

Image result for gilmore girls

We have a few other shows going right now.
 Olivia and I are watching Gilmore Girls! This is one of my favorite shows of all time and I psyched to be able to share it with her now! She loves it and wants to watch at least one episode every night! 

Image result for shameless netflix

Mike and I are watching Shameless on Netflix. I am telling you, this is a terrible show that we can't stop watching :) You go from shock to laughter, back to shock so many times in each episode! 

Hearting - Right now I am hearting our weekend. My parents gave our family an experience for Christmas. Olivia came up with the idea and I loved it so much that I asked if my parents would just give the family an experience and we could all go together somewhere! I thought maybe a night in New Hampshire, but they came up with such an awesome experience for all of us. We went to Canada! None of us had been before so it was a first for everyone! We went for 3 nights and had just the best time. Unfortunately, my mom was sick for a lot of it, but the rest of us were able to do everything we had planned. It was COLD, so next year we said another experience, but let's go south! Here is a sneak peak from our trip! I will blog about the whole trip soon! 

Hotel de Glace 
The Ice Hotel...Amazing

I hope everyone has a great week! I will be back soon with a full post on our trip to Canada! 

Till next time ❣

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  1. I should start listening to podcasts. It's just not something I've ever looked in to. I did listen to Serial this Summer, which I loved!

  2. Alise and I finished The Gilmore Girls series last fall together. We loved it!

  3. What a cool idea for a family trip! I love things like that in place of regular gifts (of things you may or may not want/need) at Christmas. And is Small Great Things the book club selection? I really enjoyed it, but I wished I had a group to discuss it with when I was done - lots to talk about there!

    Thanks for joining in :)

    1. Yes, Small Great Things is for book club! I am not even finished but can already tell it will be a great discussion!! One person in book club said you shouldn’t come unless you have finished the book because we have to talk about the end 😀 love a book like that!!

  4. The Ice Hotel looks amazing! I have always wanted to go there.

  5. I was never a fan of Podcasts but I'm starting to get into them a bit more!

  6. Oh wow, that ice hotel looks awesome! I have heard great things about Small Great Things!


  7. hooray for the dave ramsey show podcast! i LOVE listening to dave ramsey... it's SO HELPFUL and listening consistently keeps you on the right mindset!! <3


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