Friday Favorites 2/16/2018

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday!! We are officially on school vacation at the end of the day! We have a few fun things on the agenda for the week, a little down time and relaxation and some catch up with family. Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika to tell you about some favorite things going on lately! 

I blogged about our trip to Quebec, Canada on Monday and that was my favorite experience ever! If you want to see what we did, click here

Lincoln, our pup, went to a day school a few days per week. He got lots of exercise and socialization with other dogs while also being trained for basic commands and to give him good dog manners! He loved Pupstart and so did we! Two weeks ago he had his last day and my favorite was his going away present that included this diploma...

How stinkin' cute was this? If any locals are considering a puppy, we highly recommend Pupstart! 

My favorite girl got braces this week! She is such a trooper!

She cracked me up the day before braces when she called me to be sure I remembered to get her all the candy she loves, but won't be able to eat while she is wearing the braces!


Here she is before...

and after...

Love her ❤

Valentine's day! I know some people don't like Valentine's day, but I love any day that gives me an excuse to eat chocolate and show a little extra love to my family! 

I made a heart cake for the kids when they got home from school...

Then after dinner we dipped strawberries in chocolate.

It may have ended a little messy and we had so much fun! 

One of  my favorite things to have in my house is fresh flowers! I love that Mike got me flowers and Owen got Olivia flowers for Valentine's day! How sweet is that? 

I will leave you with some pretty flower pictures! I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Till next time ❣


  1. I love fresh flowers. I usually by the "manager special" bunch for less than $3 for myself once a week. Happy weekend, friend!

  2. Ah, I remember getting my braces on--the first few days are so uncomfortable! Trooper indeed. She's got great taste in gummy candy though ;)


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