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  1. LOVE your blog. I stummbled upon it searching info regarding cycling carbs with Chris Powell. It just made me do a HAPPY DANCE! Now, my work out is done and I am on day one...Thank you..I will continue to follow.

  2. Why did you quit the carb cycling?

  3. I really liked it, but for me right now it wasn't the best choice. I was having a hard time with the timing of meals because I am all over the place a lot. The key to being able to strictly carb cycle is meal prep ahead and I don't do it consistently. Weight Watchers works for me because I can eat anything as long as it fits in my points. So i can grab a granola bar if I need to, or eat a frozen meal. I can always find something when out to eat and it just feels easier to me right now. I still totally agree and understand the reasoning behind the carb cycling, and someday may return to it, but for now WW is the perfect plan for me!


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